Real People Matter: Why Your Company Needs a Brand Ambassador Team

Real People Matter: Why Your Company Needs a Brand Ambassador Team
Real People Matter: Why Your Company Needs a Brand Ambassador Team

If you work in event marketing, then you should already be familiar with brand ambassadors. They have become a staple to any successful event marketing strategy, and a crucial component to generating positive brand recognition.

The benefits of hiring a brand ambassador are numerous: they are the bridge between your business and potential customers and they are expert promoters and salespeople who become your greatest marketing resource at any event.

Additionally, recent research shows that only 55% of consumers consider a company’s marketing materials a source of trusted information when making a buying decision — consumers want your marketing information to come directly from the right person in the right way.

Here are five reasons why you need to hire a brand ambassador agency at your next industry event or trade show.

  • They Humanize Your Brand

People prefer to buy products and services from real people rather than a faceless company. Brand ambassadors are hired because they are naturally charismatic and they draw people to your trade show display booth, and effectively turn attendees into leads.

  • They Publicize in Their Networks

Because brand ambassadors already have broad online reach and professional connections within the marketing industry, utilizing their help to promote your brand is extremely beneficial.

When you work with brand staff at industry events, there is a constant flow of social media postings with customized hashtags created to generate buzz for your brand and tradeshow display, ensuring larger social reach and a bigger target audience — which ultimately brings more people to your booth the day of the event and helps you follow up with leads afterward.

  • They are Expert Event Managers

Brand ambassadors can be anything from:

  • A team leader
  • A production assistant
  • Food & beverage staff
  • A DJ
  • A photographer or videographer
  • A project manager
  • Much, much more

They are event professionals who work together to organize optimal experiences for attendees by implementing interactive demonstrations, exciting and informative talks about your product, and engaging with attendees face-to-face.

  • They Create Brand Loyalty

As outgoing individuals, brand ambassadors are not afraid to go above and beyond at any event to promote your brand. Communicating to attendees through live activations or other experiential marketing techniques—they spark curiosity in potential customers and establish trust in your target audience.

  • They are Your Biggest Fans

Before any event, brand ambassadors research your company extensively. They immerse themselves in all things you, including what your values and ultimate objectives are.

A skilled brand staff will ensure that they know your brand inside out and will effectively promote your brand with vigour and sincerity.

Their job is to interact with your target audience in order to draw them to your display booth, ultimately developing a relationship so that they can be passed over to you to seal the deal.

Brand ambassadors provide an engaging, human quality to your brand at any industry event or trade show. Without them, you would simply be another inconspicuous, generic display booth.

For your next industry event, why not hire real people with real skills to take your business where it needs to be?

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