Radius Targeting: What Are the Benefits of Targeted Ads?

A captive audience. That’s who you want to advertise your business to. Spending time and money advertising to people outside your target market is pointless – and costly. Radius targeting helps you get the most ROI on your marketing efforts.

Looking to attract local customers and increase foot traffic to your place of business? Keep reading to learn the ins and outs of radius targeting and how to use it to your advantage.

What Are Targeted Ads?

Targeted ads are exactly what they sound like – ads designed specifically for your target audience. This marketing effort guarantees you reach your ideal clientele.

Targeted ads are crafted using certain demographics including age, gender, interests, and location.

Once you identify your target audience, you can reach them directly using perfectly-crafted advertising efforts.

How Does Radius Targeting Work?

Radius targeting takes the concept of targeted ads one step further and allows business owners to focus on a specific geographic radius.

Instead of choosing a specific demographic, radius targeting helps business owners target customers within a certain radius of their establishment.

You can also use radius targeting to advertise to nearby customers. Using people’s mobile phone signals, your ads will generate if they type in a specific keyword like, “Pizzerias near me”.

If that search occurs within your selected radius, your business will be one of the results the customer sees. This is a game-changer now that 60% of search engine queries are performed on mobile devices.

Radius targeting helps you capitalize on customers in close proximity to your business instead of just the ones who fall within a specific demographic.

Get the Most of Your Radius Targeting Efforts

Radius targeting isn’t as simple as drawing a circle around your business and saying, “I want to reach these people”. There’s a lot more opportunity if you know how to use it.

Keep an Eye on Local Weather and Events

Knowing when to launch your ad campaigns is just as important as knowing where. Geotargeted ads let you capitalize on rising opportunities.

For example, if you own a hotel near an airport and there’s a major weather event occurring, you can increase your target radius to attract travellers looking for lodging.

Own a photo booth rental company or sell other party supplies? When large events come to your local convention center, you can shift your radius in that direction.

Radius targeting allows your advertising efforts to shift and change based on current needs.

Understanding Bid Adjustments

Bid adjustments allow you to allocate a specific cost to your radius targeting. How much do you want to spend and how far do you want your ads to reach?

Bid adjustments let you change the percentage of a bid so you have complete control over where ads are shown. If you’re seeing more results in one area than another, you can make an adjustment to your bid and focus more attention to these locations.

Apply the Basics of Targeted Ads to Radius Targeting

Although radius targeting takes targeted marketing one step further, some basic principles still apply.

Are you a high-end pool company looking to attract wealthy clients? You can use this demographic to select a radius for your advertising efforts.

Choose affluent neighbourhoods and those in or near private, gated communities. This guarantees you’re attracting the right type of clientele.

Broaden Your Horizons and Boost Business

The more specific you get with your marketing efforts, the more ROI you’ll see. Radius targeting allows you to do exactly this.

Boost business by attracting customers in your surrounding area and even those passing through, searching on their smartphones.

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