Protect your business from DDoS attacks: Join this webinar to find out more

If you’re developing an online business – retail, banks and insurance companies, media, video game developers and publishers, etc – you have to know as much as possible about all its threats. 

Almost any industry of online business faced attacks/fraud during the past years. Here are just some of the samples:

  • GitHub – Feb 2018
  • Dyn – Oct 2016
  • BBC – Dec 2015
  • Bank of America/JP Morgan/US Bancorp – Dec 2012, etc

The reality: 17 million DDoS attacks globally with the cost of $20,000-$40,000 per hour* (Source: Cox BLUE). Assaults getting bigger, more powerful, and disruptive, and it’s clear security leaders need to urgently get to grips with how to deal with them.

The good news is that you can bring yourself fully up to speed on the subject by joining the G-Core Labs and Intel webinar The most dangerous DDoS attacks and how to fight them on December 10.

Hosted by G-Core Labs’ DDoS protection expert and product owner Andrey Slastenov, the webinar starts at 14:00 GMT and promises to be packed full of valuable and actionable information, all aimed at helping businesses who are building their online services.

During the seminar, you’ll learn about the different types of DDoS attacks and the strategies you can employ to protect your business against them, including the main methods of countering both volumetric and connection attacks.

You’ll also learn about what you should do if an attack is atypical, and you’ll even be given case studies that demonstrate how G-Core Labs has successfully dealt with massive and sophisticated DDoS attacks.

Webinar is free, but will save you thousands of dollars! Register now:

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