Photocopier Machines for Businesses: Everything You Wanted to Know

Photocopier Machines for Businesses: Everything You Wanted to Know
Photocopier Machines for Businesses: Everything You Wanted to Know

As your business grows and your staff finds that they have to photocopy a large amount of documents, you’ll have to decide whether to buy, rent or lease copiers or to use an outside copy shop to handle the work

What is a Photocopier, Anyway?

The photocopying machine is the equipment used to duplicate graphic materials and text. It’s able to reproduce many copies and at the same time be programmed to reduce or enlarge the size of an image through the application of light, electrical charges, chemicals and heat. There are a lot of photocopier for sale, so make sure that

Introduced in 1949, the copy machine has evolved to become one of the most important equipment in the workplace and in most offices. The photocopier offers businesses a method of duplicating graphics and texts in the fastest and cheapest way. Copy machines have become an indispensable part of most offices in the modern world.

The Advantages and the Disadvantages of a Copy Machine


  • Source of Traffic to Your Business

Photocopying service to your business will attract many people who come to make copies but eventually will become acquire customers for the products you offer.

  • Low Cost and Speed Levels

Most copiers have speed levels of up to 100 pages per minute. So, there is no way you would expect long queues at the photocopier.

High-speed levels, photocopiers are affordable. Prices are pocket-friendly, meaning businesses can afford copy machines. There are a lot of photocopier for sale online, so choices are endless. Also, in case the photocopier is too expensive for a business, leasing is always an option.

  • Additional Source of Business Revenue

A good volume of copiers might represent an additional income for your business that will help pay some bills.

  • Convenience

Leasing or owning a copier allows you to keep your photocopying processes under your own roof instead of take materials to a photocopy shop, bring them back to your workplace and integrate them into an ongoing project or mailing.


  • Space

The more flexible the copy machine, the bigger the footprint it occupies. Consequently, you might have to dedicate as much floor space to a networked copy machine as you would to a full-sized desk.

  • Costs

Any appliance or machine that produces heat, either as a byproduct or a product of its operation, requires a lot of electrical power to run. Copy machines also depend on supplies that can add an costly set of fixed costs including toner and other consumables.

  • Privacy

Even if you are successful in creating an enclosed area in which you can duplicate sensitive information, photocopiers are still vulnerable to security leaks.

What to Look for When Buying a Copy Machine?

  • Copy Volume

This is the number of pages per month the photocopier can process. Think about how much you are going to use it by calculating the average number of copies per month determines the speed of the photocopier you need.

  • Copy Speed

The more the documents you need to print, the faster the photocopier needs to work to avoid queues building up for the machine.

  • Budget

The budget you have to purchase a photocopier is one of the key guiding factors. The real cost of the copy machine gives you a baseline for comparison among different types of copy machines.

Sometimes, renting a copier is more cost effective, especially if repairs and maintenance are included in the cost of renting.

  • Energy Efficiency

Going for a power saving copier saves you money on utility bills while reducing the environmental damage that comes with high power usage.

  • User Friendliness

Opt for a copier with intuitive controls that lets all users in the office to understand how to execute all functions.

  • Training

This is for those businesses purchasing high-end equipment, as they need training as a result of all the complex functions.

How To Properly Maintain Your Copy Machine

Here are some tips on how to maintain a copy machine:

  • Always make sure the photocopier is positioned in a well-ventilated enviroment in the workplace.
  • Be sure to read the photocopier manual thoroughly before operating a new copier.
  • Avoid unnecessary movement of the device within the workplace.
  • Have a qualified specialist fix the device in case of a breakdown.
  • Always clean the glass cover of the photocopier with a clean piece of clothing.
  • Place the photocopier in still environments to avoid exposure to dust.
  • Always be careful with the settings button not to inconvenience other users of the same device in the office.
  • Use the right paper size when loading an empty tray with papers.


A copy machine is a fairly large investment for businesses to make, so having a checklist of things you might need will help when buying, leasing or renting a photocopier. Most reputable companies will offer good advice as to what copy machine to go for, so choose an authorized supplier of the photocopier brand you want to buy or rent.

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