The Perfect Work/Life Balance: A Guide

The Perfect Work/Life Balance: A Guide

For many people, work is their whole life. Although this is admirable, it can mean that they get to a point where they crave free time with their family and friends. Not only will employees crave free time, but spending so much time dedicated to work could result in a crash, as it is not sustainable in the long run. The answer to this problem is making sure your employees have the right amount of work-life balance. Though there is not much you can do beyond the workplace, that doesn’t mean you can’t do anything at all. In fact, there are some key tips you can promote at work to ensure your staff have a perfect balance.

Encourage flexible breaks

Long working days can take their toll on both mental and physical health, which can, in turn, affect how productive someone is at work. This is why breaks are a legal requirement in workplaces, but it is your decision on how you put these in place. For example, if everyone has the same hour for lunch each day, this could prohibit your staff from using this time to relax and unwind. Many companies have now decided to introduce a more flexible break schedule, where employees can use their time how and when they wish. In fact, employers have also started using employee discount schemes, which staff members can enjoy in their free time. This could be anywhere from gym memberships to restaurant perks, which can go a long way in terms of ensuring the right balance is met.

Use social media

Much of your employees’ lunchtime decisions could be impacted by what their colleagues are also doing. Although you may have many confident workers in your office to make these plans, newer recruits or quieter people may struggle. This can make their breaks feel less like a break than it should. Ideally, you shouldn’t shy away from social media when it comes to solving this issue. By creating groups on WhatsApp or Facebook, you can encourage people to post about what they’re doing that day, and show others that everyone is welcome. Although social media may be new to you, much of the workforce is now made up of millennials, so you can combine work announcements and social media to create an all-inclusive environment where people can learn to truly relax. However, you should still ensure you have some guidelines in place so that the work/ life balance remains balanced.

Have work outings

Social media is also perfect for organising work outings. Though your work and life balance can be started in the workplace, there is nothing to say it can’t continue when office hours are over. Such outings can promote a comfortable workplace and genuine friendships, so people can work harder and be more confident in the office. When it comes to organising these outings, it’s wise to showcase an array of options. From going for drinks at a nearby bar to trying a new activity such as aerial adventures, there is lots you can do. After a short while, people will even start to organise without your planning.

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