A Part-Time MBA Degree Combines Education And Career Advancement

A Part-Time MBA Degree Combines Education And Career Advancement
A Part-Time MBA Degree Combines Education And Career Advancement

There are many ambitious, headstrong, and intelligent business professionals out there that have been craving advancement in their careers for years and sometimes decades. Due to financial or familial pressures however, they may find themselves settling for less because of the security their current positions offer, even if that means they don’t feel as challenged at work. Fortunately, there are educational programs offering the flexibility these people need to earn graduate business degrees while remaining at their current jobs. Through part time programs offered by leading Canadian schools, an MBA designation is finally attainable for those who can’t afford to relocate or take time off to earn it.

These schools recognize that fostering a healthy work-life balance is not only important for every student, but for every aspiring leader, manager, CEO or business owner. The Lazaridis School of Business & Economics for example has established a part time program that takes place on alternating weekends in the highly accessible financial district of downtown Toronto. When you complete your MBA with Bay Street experience you’re immediately able to apply what you learn in class, making a noticeable impact in your career — particularly if you’re aspiring to climb the corporate ladder of the company you already work for.

The flexible schedule offers valuable networking time (and convenience given the close proximity of the satellite campus to a variety of metropolitan business hubs) while summers off give students the opportunity to take a breather and spend more time with friends and loved ones. While the application deadline for the upcoming year is February 1, 2018 – rolling admissions for the following cohort begin shortly after, so the earlier prospective candidates apply, the better their chances are of getting in. By doing so, they’re given a leg up on their would-be competition as when the deadline approaches, there are more applicants vying for fewer spots.

Those in the part time program also have the advantage of forming close bonds with other students who are also already working professionals which can (and has) lead to business collaborations – there is also the time to collaborate outside of school. As well, learning the material in a holistic way through using the school’s integrated core learning methodology trains students to look at problems from multiple angles. They can even bring a business challenge they’re dealing with to class; it is likely they’ll find someone else’s perspective helpful even if they’re working in different positions or industries.

To get the full MBA experience, there is no need for prospective candidates to completely uproot themselves, jeopardize their financial security, put their personal lives on hold or spend an inexcusable amount of time away from their families. By pursuing part time study, they receive the same essential academic learning experience an MBA designation demands but they complete it over a longer period of up to five years, allowing for beneficial and necessary work-life balance. Thanks to the emergence of part time programs, MBA degrees have become more accessible to those already working who want a career advantage.

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