NFTs Trends: Johnny Depp Auctions Official NFTs on His Own Art Works for Charity

Designed by ViciNFT “NFTs for the common good,” twenty-five percent of auction proceeds will go to charities supporting wildlife and the environment. 

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Johnny Depp, the award-winning actor, musician, and artist, is issuing a series of official Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs) through ViciNFT representing his own works in support of charity. The first NFT auction begins Tuesday May 4th at 9 AM Eastern Time and ends 5 PM ET May 5, 2021 on OpenSea at the official Johnny Depp auction.

Johnny Depp’s first NFT in support of charity

Depp has supported over a dozen charities for over a decade, including an annual £1m to London’s Great Ormond Street. His first NFT in support of charity, assembled by ViciNFT, represents a poem Johnny wrote for Winona Ryder and a photograph of Johnny playing one of his guitars in his special guitar room in his villa in France. Johnny started playing guitar at the age of fourteen and music is one of his passions. Johnny has signed the NFT with his unique signature. Consistent with all ViciNFT offerings, 25% of NFT auction revenues will go to one or more charities. Bidders may bid on the NFT on OpenSea using Ether (ETH).

The designer of Johnny Depp’s NFT

Johnny Depp’s NFT designer, ViciNFT, is the leading carbon-neutral provider of NFTs, and, beyond a mandatory 25% of revenues provided to an artist or authors charities of choice, ensures an additional donation to a climate conservation fund. ViciNFT is led by Bill Gladstone, the best-selling author and literary agent who has represented Marianne Williamson, Eckhart Tolle, musician Neil Young, Pamela Anderson, Deepak Chopra, Neale Donald Walsch, and Thom Hartmann. ViciNFT helps creators like Johnny Depp curate, design, market, and nurture NFTs and digital collectables for the common good.

Regarding the launch of the first NFT in support of charity, Johnny Depp said: “I believe ViciNFT is the first NFT company to truly want to protect and enhance the environment.” He added, “I trust the founders of ViciNFT to always put charity and helping others above mere profitability.”

Regarding Depp’s first NFT, ViciNFT partner Bill Gladstone noted: “This is a ground breaking opportunity to recognize creative artists, musicians, authors, poets, and visionary thinkers. Johnny Depp is one of the most multi-talented creative artists of our generation, making him the ideal creative personality to launch creative NTFs for the common good.” He added: “I represent many wonderful authors whose books have raised awareness of important global issues. I anticipate that the success of Johnny Depp’s Official NFT series will create opportunities for many authors and artists to help millions of people throughout the world.”

Result of Johnny Depp’s first NFT auction

The results of Johnny Depp’s first NFT auction will be announced Wednesday evening from the ViciNFT website following the close of the auction on OpenSea at 5pm ET on Wednesday, May 5. Those looking to bid on the auction should proceed to the official Johnny Depp auction.