NFC business cards: Will they replace the traditional business cards?

Business cards are one of the most important items in professional networking. However, as time passes, people are looking for more convenience. They don’t want to carry a thick stack of business cards and reprint them repeatedly.

This led to the emergence of one fine product – NFC or near-field communication business cards.

If you’re curious about them, let’s know it all here!

NFC business cards: Will they replace the traditional business cards?

Understanding NFC technology and NFC Business Cards

NFC technology lets two devices transmit data wirelessly within a certain distance (usually 4-10 cm).

An NFC chip is embedded in an NFC business card. You can simply tap your card on someone’s smartphone (or any other NFC-enabled device), and all the information you’ve stored in your card will be transmitted to them.

The Global NFC Business Card market size was evaluated at USD 19.47 million in 2022 and is expected to grow to USD 39.5 million by 2028.

Reasons NFC Business Cards Are Better Than Traditional Ones

NFC business cards are likely to replace traditional business cards shortly. Here are some reasons why!

1. You share all details instantly

When you give away a traditional business card, the receiver must manually input your contact details. However, they might misplace your card, and you lose an opportunity.

However, with NFC business cards, you can transmit all information to their device with a simple tap. So, you won’t have to worry whether they saved your contact information or lost your card!

You also save them the hassle of manually entering all details, which all card receivers appreciate!

2. It lets you add endless information

Unlike traditional physical cards, NFC ones have no limited space for information addition, so you don’t have to worry about which details to add and which to skip.

Rather, an NFC business card lets you upload unlimited information. You can include your picture so clients, customers, associates, and investors can remember your face clearly.

You can even add a link to your portfolio or an important project. You can showcase your expertise and impress the other person.

Moreover, you can also link the map of your business establishment to your NFC card. So, if they ever visit your business location, clear directions to your establishment ensure they won’t get lost!

3. You save money in the long run

If you opt for paper business cards, you must reprint them repeatedly. This might happen when you run out of cards or when significant information changes, like contact details or the business logo. In the long run, you invest more than you think in traditional cards.

On the other hand, if you invest in an NFC card, the upfront payment will be high. However, it will be a one-time investment.

You will never run out of cards as you don’t give them away – instead, you tap the same card on everyone’s device. You can make changes online if you need to update any business information. So, you save on repeated prints,

4. It’s more durable than paper cards

Paper cards often absorb moisture or get stained. If they are not stored in a dedicated container, they get folded. You can’t give away those cards to anyone. Otherwise, you’ll negatively impact your business and your reputation.

On the other hand, NFC cards are usually made of plastic, metal, or even wood. These materials are much more durable!

5. You seem tech-savvy and environment-conscious

While networking, taking out an NFC business card makes you seem way more advanced and tech-savvy. If the opposite person likes to stay ahead of trends, this is a wonderful way to impress them.

You show you’re conscious about the environment when you don’t use paper cards. This is also an impressive factor!

Drawbacks of NFC Business cards

There are certain negatives of using NFC business cards, like the following:

1. It can get lost or misplaced

You may lose or misplace the card if you’re not careful enough. You will then have to place another order for a new card. However, you can easily handle this situation if you’re careful enough!

2. The other person needs to have a smartphone

You can’t share your card if the other person has no smartphone. However, in this age, many people don’t use smartphones. Smartphones are essential to every businessperson’s or professional’s life, so there’s a low chance of facing such situations.


As you notice, the benefits of using NFC business cards outweigh the drawbacks. Moreover, the drawbacks are mild, too. Hence, it’s pretty clear that NFC cards will slowly but certainly replace traditional cards.

So, go ahead and order an NFC business card and flaunt how your business always stays ahead of time!