FinTech News: HFIN One, BBVA, BitCoin, Square

Following on from our recent coverage of social media and trading firms, twitter user @bilmurph sent us this story about HFIN One Adding Twitter to News Offering to Provide Real-Time Updates and Connections for Hedge Fund Investors and Managers. HFIN One, is a fully integrated solutions network for hedge funds, hedge fund investors and content partners.  

With more than 500 million people on Twitter worldwide, including hedge fund industry news agencies and journalists, information about hedge fund managers is published on Twitter every day. In 2012, HFIN One saw more than ten times the amount of information on Twitter about hedge fund managers than it did across all other news channels combined, but most hedge fund managers and investors do not have an efficient or effective way to access it. HFIN One’s integration of Twitter makes it possible for hedge fund managers and investors to easily and effectively access the information published across the Twitter network about the hedge fund managers they care about.

“Information is being published on Twitter faster and more comprehensively than any other channel, and we are excited to bring this source of information to hedge fund investors,” says Eric Slaim, HFIN One’s Founder and CEO. “The addition of Twitter to HFIN One will continue to help alleviate the arduous nature of researching and following managers so investors can pursue more investment opportunities and make sound decisions.”

HFIN One handles the back- and front-end technologies to capture and organize information in a way that makes accessing information for investors much easier. Hedge fund investors, for example, can choose which managers they want to follow, how they want to follow them, what information they want to receive and how often they want to receive it – all designed to move hedge fund investors from hours of information gathering to information in just one click.

Thank you for this gem @bilmurph. My outstanding tweet of the week comes from Jim Marous. Jim is  a Marketing services leader focused on building strategic solutions for the financial services industry.

@JimMarous #Banking and #CreditUnion Leaders Predict Major 2013 #Fintech Trends…

Nacha issues final guidelines on QR codes in bill payments

The Electronic Payments Association’s Council for Electronic Billing and Payment (CEBP) have issued final guidelines for the use of Quick Response (QR) codes in consumer bill payments.  The guidelines, developed in collaboration with CEBP members and refined through industry input, describe the use of QR codes in a variety of bill payment functions such as viewing bills, making bill payments, enrolling for eBills and setting up payees in online banking. nacha

Specifically, the QR Encoding for Consumer Bill Pay Guidelines identify voluntary standards for using QR codes in both biller direct and consolidator/aggregator billing and payment models. It contains recommendations regarding QR code size, data to be included in the QR code, and layout of the data represented in the QR code, among others. The goal of the guideines is to establish a single QR code format that can be printed on a paper bill and scanned by the consumer’s mobile phone using a biller, mobile banking or generic QR code reader. In this way, billers and service providers can enable QR encoding in a standardized format, providing certainty for biller and banking clients, and ensuring a consistent experience for consumers.

Gozi Trojan trio’ blamed for multimillion-dollar bank raid spree

NASA systems among 1,000,000 computers suspects accused of infecting US prosecutors have accused three people of using a bank-account raiding Trojan to infect at least one million computers and steal millions of dollars. Russian national Nikita Kuzmin, 25, Latvian resident Deniss Calovskis, 27, and Mihai Ionut Paunescu, a 28-year-old Romanian, were behind the scam, according to charges filed against them.  read more

 BBVA sets up $100 million fintech venture fund

Spanish bank BBVA has set up a $100 million venture fund to invest in startups with the potential to transform the financial services industry.  read more

Square’s Keith Rabois checks out of mobile payments startup

Square COO Keith Rabois, one of the most prominent figures at a business that’s having an outsized effect on the mobile payments era, has decided to leave Jack Dorsey’s company. According to AllThingsD, and supported by statements from Square and Rabois himself, the investor and executive has decided to part ways with a company that’s considered one of the brighter stars in the Silicon Valley constellation.    read more

 Number of Banks Decrease as #Fintech Spending Increases
A new report, being released today by the William Mills Agency,reveals that spending by financial institutions is recovering as the economy and industry rebounds. The tenth annual ‘Bankers as Buyers ‘ study shares indepth insights and research from more than thirty individuals and organizations regarding what technology, services and solutions banks and credit unions are expected to invest in 2013.    read more

Online Casino Makes Over 500K, Skirting Laws With Legally ‘Gray’ Digital Currency, BitCoin

Online casinos are finding a second chance at life thanks to an alternative digital currency known as Bitcoin. Bitcoins are a completely digital currency managed through a decentralized network of exchanges, based off the research of mysterious computer scientist, Satoshi Nakamoto, who dreamt of developing a currency immune to politicians or banks.   read more

Bank Marketing Strategy: From Passbook to Mobile: The Evolution Of The Bank Account

“Some might argue that nothing replaces a face-to-face relationship. That assumes that a digital, mobile experience is inferior to face-to-face. And while that may have been true in the past, that’s not going to be the case in the future. Welcome to the total disruption of retail banking”.  read more

And Finally..

Fraud cops collar two blokes accused of dodging bank’s 2-factor auth 

Online accounts raided in SMS scam Indian police have arrested two men who allegedly circumvented a bank’s two-factor authentication protection and looted online accounts. The pair are suspected of buying victims’ personal details from other crooks and then tricking mobile phone companies into giving the duo replacement SIM cards.   read more