New To Trading? Copy and Earn With RAMM, The Newest Investing Service

The Gamestop saga has proven that everyone, including those who do not yet have thousands of dollars to invest, can indeed get into the investing game. Those of us who may have full-time jobs, however, might find it difficult to keep up with all the market-related news, as well as with trading itself, let alone day-trading. This is where AMarket’s RAMM comes in. 

New to trading? Copy and earn with RAMM, the newest investing serviceImagine if there was a way for you to make money by simply copying what other, more seasoned, more experienced traders do. Now, it is possible. 

It is safe. The RAMM functionality enables you to invest in proven, highly-rated investing strategies. All you need to do is to choose your strategy, basing your decision on a number of parameters: number of investors, 3-month yield, overall amount of money invested, and more. This will enable you to see which strategies are the most popular and profitable. You can also indicate the amount you don’t want to risk, and it will remain in your account if the strategy is unfavorable.

No one except you has access to the investment. You can invest in different strategies. You can have separate investments that don’t affect each other. You are in control. You can pause, resume, or close your investment at any time. 

New to trading? Copy and earn with RAMM, the newest investing serviceIt is flexible. With RAMM, your traders are copied and executed in its web-based platform or in its mobile app. This means that it is not necessary to install anything on your computer and you will conveniently have all your trading information on the go. What is more, the minimum opening deposit for RAMM Copy Trading account is only $100.

It is cheap. You pay the trader only for the profit received from investing in their strategy. No hidden fees.

You can even create your own strategies and make money from that. You can create and open several strategies using one RAMM account. Each strategy is linked to a separate account in MetaTrader 5 with the netting position accounting system or to an account in MetaTrader 4 with the hedging accounting system. Trading transactions on each of the strategies don’t affect other strategies and their results.

Below are just some examples of recent successful strategies as per the company’s website:

  • The GReeN Money strategy proved to be the best performing strategy in March. Trading BRENT only, the managing trader reached 2868,18% profitability in one month. Thus, if you had invested $5,000 in this strategy in early March, you would have earned $143,409 in 1 month.
  • The BBWolf strategy, with its 358,68% profitability in March, holds second place in our ranking. The managing trader opened positions in GBP/USD, GBP/JPY, EUR/USD, EUR/JPY and EUR/GBP. Therefore, if you had invested $2,500 in this strategy at the beginning of March, you would have earned $8,967 in 1 month.
  • In third place is the Money Mining strategy which showed a 265,06% yield for the same period. Throughout the month, a trader mainly traded gold (XAU/USD) and Nasdaq 100 index.

Above all, you will get to experience a community of traders who support each other in the quest for financial freedom. With barriers to entry so low, there is nothing keeping you from opening your RAMM account today. Start earning, start learning, have fun.