Chief Strategy Officer Summit, Innovation in Strategic Planning, Barcelona, 2012


October 18-19, 2012, Barcelona, Spain

The Chief Strategy Officer Summit is a thought leadership summit acclaimed for its innovative insights into the strategic planning. It brings together strategy executives to discover tactics to optimize the role of strategic management in the organization and to deliver the most effective impact through effective strategic planning.

Chief Strategy Officer Summit

The event is organised by The Innovation Enterprise (IE), an independent B2B multi channel media brand focused on the information needs of Senior Finance, Operations, Planning, Strategy, Decision Support & Advanced Analytics executives. Power of Information that spurs innovation is the ultimate belief driving the IE Group to its excellence and leadership in the industry. As stated by Vice President, Apple, France, the Innovation Enterprise provides “the gold standard conferences in the industry.’

The Speakers list at the Chief Strategy Officer Summit is represented by the Executives from the leading global organisations, such as Citigroup, Dell, RBS, Swiss Re Group, Cocal-Cola, BUPA etc.

Javier Bordes, Head of EMEA strategy of Citigroup will open the first day of the Summit. His speech will focus on how the organization adapts to the market crisis by splitting its business into core and non-core divisions and what implications it brings to company strategy per se.

Mostly the topics will focus on the solutions offered by innovative strategic planning and business forecasting. It will comprise of learning objectives with a number of exploratory case studies, including:

  • Methods designed to deliver the most effective impact on your business through effective strategic planning
  • Tactics to optimize the role of strategic management in your organization
  • Learning how to transform the way you set strategy, align resources & effectively executive to deliver superior business outcomes with speed and scale
  • The essential balance between strategy formulation and ensuring flawless execution.

Sustainability and predictability are becoming more and more hot topics of the day. David Webb, Director, Strategy at Aviva will emphasize the importance of long-term vision in time of uncertainty while Guy Bullen, Head of Strategy and Sustainability in BT will reveal BT’s recent strategic trend through adding a sixth strategic theme to its strategy –  ” a responsible and sustainable business leader”. It will give a vision of how we intend to build a better future for the planet.

Strategic Innovation, The Invisible Barriers to Strategy Implementation, Repositioning for the Future, Digital Transformation, IT Infrastructure Strategy – these and others are subjects that bother mostly current global Leaders today and they will be covered at the summit revealing the new strategic trends in various industries.

This is great opportunity for further networking, revealing new trends and approaches, as well as sharing viewpoints and experiences in today’s global market’s uncertainty and financial turbulence.

The event will be held in Barcelona, 18-19 October, 2012 and is by invitation only. Below is the demographic that categorizes participants by the size of organization and their role within the company :

Chief Strategy Officer Summit

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