Must-have features for your broker CRM

The brokerage business is a fiercely competitive ground, no matter which industries we are talking about (FX or crypto brokers). CRMs are among the crucial components on the way towards success, as consumers are always the core of every brokerage company. They are looking for a high-end system to obtain a set of services.

ex, Mandatory features of a perfectly matching Customer Relationship Management system

In the search for a high-quality and functional CRM, business owners need to take a string of factors into account:

  • Flexibility:

A huge problem arises when a CRM system is designed for a certain trading platform specifically. Every business is going to grow, and the brokerage sphere is rich in numerous trading platforms. Your system should be flexible, allowing business owners to use it on diverse platforms. Otherwise, all the updates related to new trading software turn out to be essential headaches.

  • Detailed lead generation:

CRMs are effective from the viewpoint of new clients involved. A high-end Forex CRM provides business owners with a bunch of important information related to potential clients. On top of the fact of customer contact, you understand his (her) position in a purchase funnel. Such information lets a business owner know which channels and contact methods are more effective on the way from a potential client to a real one.

  • Possibility of multi-level partnership management:

When a brokerage company processes deals by itself, such a feature is useless; meanwhile, there are some deals that involve third parties (partner brokers). This said a system should manage payments and fees, fulfilling the demands of every party. Inbuilt instruments automate paid amounts, making the multi-level partnership as straightforward as ABC.

  • Detailed reports and data analysis:

While talking about both an FX and crypto exchange CRM, data compilation and analysis are among the key pros. A high-end Customer Relationship Management system provides business owners with detailed reports about potential clients, profits, trading statistics, etc. Furthermore, such software is responsible for reports that make a brokerage company compliant with the local regulation. As for custom solutions, you may get reports based on your personal demands.

  • Customized design and branding:

CRMs match your individual company’s style, providing a business owner with an opportunity to set up website design and logo. Furthermore, such a solution makes a trader’s room in correspondence with your clients’ needs. This feature is exceptionally important for White Label solutions that are more and more in-demand within the brokerage industry.

  • Straightforward deposits and withdrawals:

Payment methods are undoubtedly among the key components of a reliable brokerage company; meanwhile, CRM takes part in the process as well. The chosen software should simplify deposits and withdrawals, making all the payments straightforward and quick.

  • Scalability from the viewpoint of future horizons:

Business owners frequently don’t take into account possible future perspectives, while selecting a CRM system, and that is a huge mistake. Over years your business may demand additional features (e.g., liquidity providing). A package of all-in-one features is always more beneficial for business owners; this is why experts recommend you apply to companies that offer the fullest scope of services.

  • A set of tools for customer base classification:

Successful Forex and crypto brokers have to face tons of information related to their clients. While the customer base grows, it becomes more complicated to manage the information. High-end CRM systems enable brokers to divide their clients into diverse groups by country, average income, trading activity, and other criteria.

The herein given list contains the must-have features understood as general by Forex and crypto brokers; meanwhile, your company may demand a bunch of additional capabilities. Custom solutions are meant to fulfill those needs entirely.

B2Core to offer a high-quality CRM system

Once the brokerage industry is exceptionally competitive, business owners need something more than just a good CRM system. B2Core is the best choice for brokers who are always striving for perfection. Which components does a product include?

  1. CRM;
  2. trader’s room;
  3. crypto/Forex back office.

B2Core unlocks the new generation of software designed to fulfill brokers’ demands. The product is based upon a deep understanding of what traders are looking for.

In simple terms, B2Core enables clients with the following important components:

  • Cutting-edge UI: advanced trading tools, adaptive navigation, trading history, and other features are always at your fingertips.
  • Convenient administrative panel: detailed reports, KYC constructor, notification system, a set of protective measures, and other options to make the management straightforward and effective.
  • Outer integrations: payment systems, SMS services, trading platforms, KYC providers, etc. to enhance your company’s functionality.

As such, B2Core is a product that exceeds business owners’ expectations, paving a path towards new peaks. Wend your way towards the brokerage’s Premier League!