Monitor vs Projector – Best display solution for business

Monitors vs. Projectors – Best display solution for business

Monitors vs. Projectors – Best display solution for business

Modern day business makes it so we make use of technology quite often. This leads to us having countless little gadgets at the office which make our lives easier and help us work more efficient. As technology has progressed, some of the gimmicky and yet promising gadgets of yesterday have become the professional standard of today.

There are many things you can find in an office that you wouldn’t have been able to find 10 years ago for example. One of them would be flat screen monitors. These are used quite often due to the simple fact that you can’t have a computer without a monitor and today, most of the office work is done on computers.

There are many places within a company’s HQ where a screen is needed starting with the employees that need a monitor for their desks all the way to corporate meetings and conferences where screens are needed either to set up a video connection between two parties or simply to display specific information such as graphs or work related data.

This however raises a question that has puzzled many and still a lot of people would like to know the answer to: Are monitors the best display solution for the office or is it the projector? While the projector might have came out of nowhere in this debate, it has certainly been around for a while in reality. Many business owners don’t know what to choose between the two so we’re going to look at a few advantages and disadvantages for both. This might help those on the fence to decide what they want to get for their place of work.

Advantages and disadvantages to monitors

  • Monitors are considered the standard solution and they can easily be connected to any computer
  • Monitors feature a crisp display that uses the latest technology to provide a sharp image no matter where it is used
  • Monitors are able to team up so that dual monitor configurations can be used for example, although a lot more can be linked together

Disadvantages of monitors

  • They can be heavy and hard to move around, or in other words lack mobility
  • They come with a set resolution and size that cannot be altered thus users are forced to make do with what they get

Advantages of projectors

  • Projectors offer the possibility of adjusting the canvas size and make it as big or small as it is needed every time
  • Projectors are way easier to transport and there are way less chances of them breaking since they’re easier to handle
  • Projectors don’t require a computer to function, only a display that transmits information

Disadvantages of projectors

  • Projectors require a canvas usually, making it slower to get ready than a monitor
  • Projectors usually need a dimmer light source in a room if they are to work at full effectiveness
  • Projectors are usually unable to render and provide the same sharpness or resolution to the image as a direct monitor

There are pros and cons to both solutions and in the end you must choose what works best for your specific context.  It’s important to take all the facts into account before you put your order at so that you will be satisfied in the long run.

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