Modern Safe-Driving Technologies to Curtail Road Accidents


With the advent of modern technology, automobiles have become a part of everyone’s life—no denials that new-fangled tech is unavoidable. Going a day without employing technology seems impossible. Not many people can stick to the statement, and those who would, won’t be reading this. Purchasing a new car requires utmost attention- all thanks to the world of features available. The car industry, too, is leaving no stones unturned in grabbing the latest technology and changing the way modern cars operate. Auto start and car seat heating are some of the luxurious vehicles that feature pretty lovely to have. Yet, there are other features to enable getting up on the roads with much safety. A recent report by the World Health Organization sheds light on around 1.35 million deaths each year from road traffic crashes. 

What are the new types of technologies that can prevent car accidents and personal injuries?

Distracted driving, human errors, drinking and driving, and others are some reasons. Auto manufacturers are quite aware of this fact, and they are trying their hard to equip the vehicles with features. These technologies work in reducing the potential mistakes drivers make on the road. Thus, with innovations and future technologies, car accidents can decrease. Can’t wait to know what these technologies are? Well, stick to us to learn more. 

  • Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB):

AEB is a new feature that helps to alert the driver in case of an imminent crash. The tech helps in assisting the driver in using the braking car capacity to the maximum levels. The experienced car accident attorneys who offer effective representation are all thumbs up for this system because the AEB brakes independently in critical situations when the driver doesn’t respond. The three categories of AEB are:

  1. Low-speed system: The system has its design for use on the city streets. It helps in detecting the cars in front of yours to prevent crashes and minor injuries. 
  2. High-speed system: The system scans to a diameter of 200 meters ahead of your car. It employs a long-range radar for detecting faster speeds. 
  3. Pedestrian system: The set-up works in picking up the pedestrian movements in the direction of your vehicle. It helps in detecting collision risks. 

Some other names that popularize AEB are active city braking, dynamic city brake, and pre-crash safety system. 

  • Autonomous Cruise Control (ACC):

The cruise control feature has been rendering usefulness for quite a long time. Its excellent quality generates much comfort in long-distance driving. ACC helps in adjusting your car speed automatically. It enables you to maintain a safe distance with the car running ahead of yours. With this feature, you won’t have to pull your vehicle’s brakes if the car in front decides to slow its speed.

  • Reverse Camera:

You won’t be surprised with this technology since it isn’t new tech. Drivers required third-party installations before. However, the new cars come with pre-installed systems. The system is prevalent because the reversing and parking accidents are pretty standard. A driver can precisely see what is behind their vehicle with a reversible cam and how close is something. There is also a rear cross-traffic alert that beeps fast when a person or object is nearby. 

  • Bluetooth/Voice Controls:

The feature again isn’t new but works in preventing distractions while driving. Safe driving apps are on the rise to avoid ever-increasing car accidents. Many states have imposed bans on texting while driving, which is, of course, for a good reason. Smartphones connect to a Bluetooth enabled car, and you can quickly answer the call using a voice command. You can also hear the directions on the map with it. You can also take advantage of voice texting, pre-made responses, or other voice control systems for heat turn-ons, or song changes. 

  • Electronic Stability Controls (ESC):

Modern technology aids in keeping the sliding vehicles in control, even in demanding climates. The tech reduces the vehicle’s engine power by applying brakes to the wheels. ECS is mighty, and it helps in preventing around fifty percent of car crashes.

Alert Today, Alive Tomorrow

Many new cars come with in-built safety features. Not only do these safety features work in the prevention of car accidents, but they also are pocket-friendly. And, insurance companies offer these advanced security features to drivers at low rates. However, due to some unforeseen reasons you end up being involved in a car accident, immediate medical care must be your priority. After medical care, consider legal help in settling your claims if the technology was the accident reason. You can hire a professional car accident attorney and file a lawsuit against the accused or the vehicle manufacturer. Having a helping hand will help you dwell in tranquillity and relieve off the stress of facing the jury with complete ease.