Mobile Technology and the Internet In Modern Marketing

Mobile Technology and the Internet In Modern Marketing


Technology has advanced to a point where everything is digitalized. The evolution of tech has gotten as far as to make businesses appear as if they have their hands tied behind their backs when it comes to deciding whether or not to actually implement modern solutions into a business’s marketing strategy.

For starters, every company should be accustomed by now to the fact that the internet is probably the most invaluable tool in existence, and it also represents anyone’s best bet for a healthy marketing campaign due to the kind of exposure it is able to supplement. Websites are used to emulate and showcase the experience that can be provided by a company’s products or services, and your site can decide to make it as natural as possible.

Additionally, the era of Mobile Technology is here and it would be detrimental not to include a mobile marketing strategy for your services or products. The mobile spectrum has extended tremendously over the past few years and now companies are trying to outdo each other in terms of mobile app design and popularity, but also in website hits and general user interaction. Here are some of the most useful strategies for when it comes to reaching customers digitally.

  • For starters, if you have an app or are in the process of designing one, it is very important to make sure that the company website will receive a mobile version.

You might have noticed that there are two versions of websites currently out and about the internet. One is a refined, custom build experience which changes its interface structuring and layout to fit the display of your mobile phone, and the other one is just the regular desktop website which you need to zoom in and out of constantly. For maximized return, it is ten times better to go for the first option.


  • It is important to take into account that both the internet and mobile solutions are based on the principle that people want things done quick and efficiently.

We live in a world that’s all about doing things as fast as possible, so that means that it would be highly counterproductive to develop an app or website that hides the main, important functions under unnecessary tabs, buttons or sections. When on the go, a user needs to be able to open your app and swiftly choose what to do next, and not just fiddle his thumbs above the display, lost. Allowing users to get to the main functions easily will boost the popularity of the app.

  • Another thing to keep in mind is that approaching your customers through a mobile app implies that you have the necessary mobile tools to make it more advantageous than just using the computer.

Mobility and portability would be the first benefits, but there are a lot others. There are specific technologies developed for mobile such as Push notifications which make a mobile solution even more effective and worth the initial investment.