How to Maximize Space in Your Studio Apartment

How to Maximize Space in Your Studio Apartment
How to Maximize Space in Your Studio Apartment

While studio apartments are small, their open floor plan allows you to experiment with numerous design options. You can leverage these options to make your room appear and feel better. Are you living in a small studio or looking for a studio apartment for rent in Madrid? Consider these tips to maximize your space first before moving.

Install an Open Tall Wardrobe

Many studio apartments have massive unused space upwards. If you want more storage options, you may want to consider installing a tall and open wardrobe. The good thing about this wardrobe is that it will make the room appear bigger.

Consider extending the wardrobe to the ceiling and maximize every available space. You will get extra storage space and you can use the top shelf to store your art and craft items. Consider keeping items you hardly use on the top storage shelves for more convenience. To ensure that the wardrobe remains clutter-free, you want to:

  • Avoid folding your clothes and choose to hang them instead. This way, you can save lots of space and time.
  • Adopt storage bins and baskets for the keep them on the top shelves. This allows you to classify various items and leaves the area looking well organized
  • Purchase a small chest of drawers, identify an ideal area under the hanging space and store them there. Use them to store your underwear and other small clothes.
  • Keep your shoes at the bottom shelves and ensure the floor is clutter-free. Remember, a cluttered room will always look bigger.

Other vertical based space-saving ideas include:

  • Install a shelf along the door trim to keep your toilet paper and towels
  • Chain a vintage ladder to the ceiling to provide hanging space for your pots

Create Storage Space Within Your Room Divider

Dividing space in your studio apartment can be a daunting task. To ease the process, choose what you intend to use for room separation. For instance, you could opt for a bookshelf or shelving unit. These offer more storage space for your books. You should aim at allowing in as much natural lighting as possible. Ensure the divider options you choose don’t bar natural lighting otherwise the room will appear smaller.

Other room divider options include:

  • Utilize old pallets to create a vertical plant stand
  • Adopt metal clothing racks. These will provide more storage space for your clothes
  • Hang a curtain together with a draping shoe organizer on your bedroom side

Adopt Organizational Systems to Keep Your Room Organized

If you want to enjoy your stay in a studio apartment, you need to be well organized. Ensure everything is in its right place to keep clutter at bay. Here are ways of controlling clutter in your room.

  • Devise a regular laundry schedule to avoid piling up your dirty laundry in the room
  • Take out waste daily to avoid build-up and ensure the room remains clean and clutter-free. A cleanroom will also appear larger
  • Clear your desk and keep all your paperwork out of sight


While a studio apartment is small, you can make it appear and feel bigger with these tips.

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