Marco Robinson – Author, & Founder of the Homelessness Charity FREEDOMX

Marco Robinson is the founder of the charity FREEDOMX with the explicit mission to stop homelessness using revolutionary #blockchain technology so you can see where your donations are going & witness the progression of the people you are helping.

Marco Robinson was Knighted for getting guide dogs into Malaysia & allowed into public places which has transformed the lives of 350,000 blind people.

Marco Robinson is a #1 Bestselling Author of 2 books , Award Winning Entrepreneur, WINNER of the I-property People’s Choice Award Best Real Estate Investment Company & Tatlers Best Restaurants for NAKED Restaurant & founder of the fully licensed & bonded travel agency: NAKED TRAVEL.

Marco Robinson completed the production of the blockbuster movie “Legacy of Lies” a spectacular Spy Thriller starring Marco and the number one martial arts action star Scott Adkins’. This film took seven years to complete & raised USD$ 10 million dollars. The film is now distributed by LIONSGATE and streaming services Amazon Prime.

Star of the HIT CHANNEL 4 TV Show “Get a house for free” that went to 67 countries & showcased Marco’s work as the 1st person in the world to give three houses away to three homeless families , which included paying the mortgages off.

Marco Robinson Interview Questions

1. An introduction from you – background, overview, education… you had very painful origins and you were homelessness. Can ?

2. How did you manage the pain and the challenges you went through?

3. You created Freemdomx to manage the challenges with homeless people and you are using blockchain technology for the platform. Can you tell us about it?

4. You were Knighted for getting guide dogs into Malaysia. Can you tell us about it?

5. From your Career highlights you have successful ventures like real state, restaurants and TV and also

6. With Covid-19 what ways do you envision to redesign our society with technology and social impact?

7. What are your visions for the present and future?

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Marco Robinson Interview Notes

About Marco Robinson’s background. The past always defines who you are. My dad was a gambler and he spent most of our wages. When my mum was 23 she couldn’t stand it anymore and we left the house. It was very hard and we even had to spend some nights sleeping in the rough. So having a rough childhood made me become more resilient: the only person that can help was myself and I learnt that the hard way. I was very shy because of that and I wanted to prove myself so I started my career as a salesperson.

After a while I realized that I wanted to be my own boss so I became an entrepreneur. I opened restaurants, I was for a while in the real estate industry and one day I was approached by CHANNEL 4 to run my own show: “Get a house for free”. That is my long story short.

There is a big misconception about homelessness. Most people think that they are losers but behind every homeless person there is a struggle, a story. Studies suggest that behind becoming homeless there are mental health issues. It may come from broken families with deep issues: domestic violence, gambling, problems with drugs, etc. To start healing, true help is not as easy as giving money to homelesness but giving the tools to heal themselves. Most of them carry pain with them and they do not share it. In my project, I opened a house-hostel in Barcelona where we take in homeless people and try to help them not only by giving them food and shelter but also psychological support. As of now, we have helped 19 people and now they all have their lives back on track again: they have jobs, houses and a proper life. We have helped an American person, living rough in Barcelona, with no money or family and we found out that he was a fantastic artist so we encouraged him to become an artist and he is now very successful.

The way people can help is by supporting every person we have in our rehabilitation project through our platform. And people can follow their stories, it is a way to make people part of their stories instead of just observers.

And the worse part is that children learn from their parents and inherit some of those habits too and we need to protect them. We need to make sure that the pain that causes being in a tough environment is dealt appropriately. As I went through that pain, I only started healing a few years ago when I knew the whole story of my mum. I always blamed her for not having money or giving me opportunities as other mums did. Until I learnt the hard truth: my mum was abused when she was a teenager. I only then I realized that what my mum did was the best she could in the situation she was in.

About Freedomx. There are approximately 280,000 homeless people in the UK. That’s 280,000 men, women and children. 280,000 sons, daughters, mothers, fathers, grandmothers, grandfathers and friends.  It is estimated that between 4-5000 of those sleep on the streets of one of the richest countries in the world. The UK.

With the kind generosity of people, we believe that we can help get people out of the dire situation that they have found themselves in. Not only does FreedomX want to ensure that people have a roof over their heads, but we want to help them build a better life for themselves. We can do this by not only helping the homeless with their housing solutions but also by making sure, through our mentoring program, that they can gain the skills they need to enter the workplace.

How do you help homeless people? We know that every person is unique and has different needs, goals and support needs. That’s why we talk to every individual to find out exactly what they need.

Having a roof over our head is one of the most important things in life. It offers us protection, shelter, warmth, and sense of belonging. It gives us a space to raise a family, to meet with family and friends, and to enjoy the peace and quiet after a busy day.  Not everyone is lucky enough to have a place to call home, and unfortunately, some people lack the skills to run a home, often through no fault of their own. Some of us take those skills for granted. Paying bills, decorating, cleaning and respecting our neighbours comes as second nature to some. However, some need extra support to be able to gain the skills needed to keep a roof over their head and to manage their tenancy responsibly.

In giving extra support to those that need it most will ensure that a higher success rate on tenancy retention is achieved.

Likewise, many homeless individuals and families lose out on vital government benefits that they are entitled to. This can be due to many factors. Unfortunately, some are not aware of the help that is available or are unable to fill out the forms. It is also a fact that some people are too embarrassed to ask for help. We can assist people to gain the help they are entitled to by helping them to fill out forms or by making extra enquiries on their behalf to government agencies.

CV writing can seem daunting, especially for those that have big gaps in their work history. Our Freedom Fighters can assist with creating a CV so that our beneficiaries have the best possible chance of gaining employment.

At some point we have all struggled to get an appointment with the local GP. This can be even harder for those people that are homeless. Many GP surgeries wrongly turn away people without a fixed address or no ID. NHS guidelines state that neither of these are valid reasons not to register a patient, and FreedomX will assist those that need to see a GP to do so. We take both physical and mental health very seriously.

The lack of funds to get to GP appointments or follow up appointments can often lead to health issues deteriorating. This should not be the case. FreedomX will work with our beneficiaries to help schedule and keep appointments.

Signposting is often vital to our beneficiaries. Often people have been a victim of crime, have serious amounts of debt, have very complex medical needs or unable to speak English. When this is the case, and we feel that it is beyond our capabilities to help, Freedomx will ensure that people are directed to the best service to help them. We also do a follow up to ensure that help is being received where possible.

Mentoring will be tailor made to the individual and their needs, and of course this can change over a period of time. We offer mentoring in personal growth, mindset, business skills and money management.

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