How to Make Direct Sales Work for You

How to Make Direct Sales Work for You
How to Make Direct Sales Work for You

If you’re like a lot of people, you’re interested in becoming your own boss. If you’re risk adverse or not sure where to start, partnering with a direct sales organization to start your entrepreneurial journey could be for you.

What is direct selling? Simply stated, it’s selling goods or services directly to other people, outside of a traditional retail environment. Generally speaking, the products you’re selling aren’t even available in stores, so to buy them, people need to go to through a sales rep for the direct selling organization. Most direct sales reps work only part-time, but direct selling can also be a highly viable full-time career option, especially if you’re willing to put in full-time hours.

Benefits of Direct Selling

There are many reasons why you might want to go into direct sales. Not only do you have the flexibility to set your own hours, you also have the freedom to create your own business plan and set your own goals. And, if you’re working with an affiliate organization with high name recognition, you won’t need to spend time building a brand before you start selling.

There are no barriers to entry in terms of job experience. Just about anyone can become a sales rep, including students, retirees, and long-time stay-at-home parents. A college degree is not required, and neither is a high school diploma. 

How Much Will You Earn?

Yet direct selling, of course, is not a “job” in the ordinary sense of the word. You’ll be paid on commission, not salary, so your earnings will be unpredictable. On the other hand, earnings potential is unlimited.

Some direct sales organizations pay representatives only on the basis of personal sales. Others offer you the option of growing your business by starting your own group and bringing in and mentoring new members. You can then earn compensation based on sales of products by those you’ve brought on board. Many companies prefer the latter method because it produces such high profit potential. 

For example, you can make money with Amway in three ways. The first way is through retail margins on the popular nutritional supplements, cosmetics, and home care products you sell. The second way is by earning bonus points on the sales of team members you’re mentoring. The third way is by meeting monthly and yearly performance goals.

Start-up costs are typically minimal in direct selling, so it’s a low-risk way to become your own boss.

How Will You Sell?

Many new reps start out by selling to friends and family, but there’s a big world out there beyond that. As a sales rep, you’ll have opportunities to meet and socialize with folks from all walks of life. Sales methods used in direct selling include person-to-person get togethers, door-to-door sales, catalog distribution, telemarketing, and party-plan marketing. You don’t even need to be a social butterfly, though, because of the increasing availability of online methods such as online chat, social media, and website sales. 


Direct selling is a low-risk way to become your own boss, and it’s a field open to just about everyone. Aside from the flexibility of setting your own hours, you’ll have the freedom to set your own goals, and to choose from a variety of sales methods. You won’t have the predictable income of a salaried job, but the profit potential is infinite.

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