Main Trends of Trading Platform Development

The trading market is changing at an unimaginable rate, the emergence of technologies such as BigData, machine learning, and sophisticated data analysis systems oblige trading platforms developed to meet market requirements and follow the modern trends. Let’s take a closer look at these requirements:

platform development

A panel for placing orders

Each trading platform will provide you with a clear and convenient interface to place your order most conveniently.

It should be fast and efficient. Given the pace of the stock and currency market, no client would want to trade using a slow platform.

For a day trader, the loss of even a fraction of a second means that a trade can be lost. Therefore, hotkeys and one-click trading functionality are built in to quickly track orders and place them.


Onboarding is the process of adapting to the interface. Every platform needs to explain to the user how it works. If you do this right after registering, users won’t have time to get angry or frustrated that they can find a certain section. At least platforms should have videos on how to use the platform.

Quotations in real-time

Market updates and real-time quotes are the most important features that any trading platform has. The trading platform is equipped to show the trader the current prices of various assets.

Some platforms have a built-in ability to process all segments of the markets together. That is, you can trade currencies, commodities, stocks, CFDs, and other financial instruments in the same software.

trading platform

Tools for trading

When you develop the platform, the usability of the UI design plays a vital part. Investing and trading are not simple things, so you don’t want to make it difficult for users to use the platform. On the contrary, you need to ensure that the app is equipped with analytical capabilities and trading robots. They must process historical data, trend movements, and other market changes to make predictions or even trade automatically without trader intervention.


Trading tools can’t exist without advanced charting and charting technology. They display all data in a simplified graphical form that is easy to understand and digest.

Charts and graphs are the best way to interpret raw data as well as to analyze the real-time market. Modern traders need to use customizable charting tools with advanced and interactive features that should work seamlessly on desktop, mobile, and other portable devices.


There is always something going on in the world of trading. It is very important to allow the user to see all the major market changes without leaving the application. It can be a separate section or a small toolbar in the trading tool, but the news feed should always be at users’ fingertips.


When working with the terminal, your data and confidential information will be protected in an encrypted form. Data security is given critical importance. Every platform that’s worked with the users found Two-phase authorization is not an option.