London Affordable Housing Summit

London Affordable Housing Summit

London Affordable Housing Summit

Rise up and join the voices of 1 million Londoners

Affordable Housing is a critical issue for global metropolis. London is facing a housing crisis, driven by growing population and declining house-building numbers – leading to surging house prices, homelessness and other social problems.

London’s population has topped 8.6m, the highest since its 1939 peak. Among which, Hillingdon has had the greatest projected growth in population;  44% of the city’s population are now of black or ethnic minority origins. Mayor Boris Johnson said the figure was predicted to reach 11m by 2050.

On the other hand, house-building numbers during the same period have been at historic lows. Housing associations are not making any more lettings than they did a decade ago, while local authority lettings have fallen. The reduced number of affordable homes available through housing association urgently needs to be addressed.

Londoners can no longer afford to live in London and  home ownership is becoming a distant dream for young people. Our thinking as a country needs to shift, around home ownership and property values. We need to think to the future.

Uprise Policy Forum, and the invite citizens and stakeholders to engage with  policy makers, investors, the leaders in urban planning, construction, architecture, sustainability,design and the built environment. Over a day, we will co-create and  build a sustainable strategy for a London Affordable Housing Plan.

This will be handed  to the main mayoral candidates, No 10 and Treasury to help frame policy and  facilitate  the co-working that needs to happen to shift City Hall  out of stasis into action. It is community-based, people-powered  policy making in action.

London Affordable Housing

Keynote: Lord Victor Adebowale , Chair London Fairness Commission & CEO Turning Point  (invited)
Guy Battle, CEO The Social Value Portal, Founder Battle McCarthy Civil Engineers

Mayoral Candidates , 7 minutes each on ONLY their affordable homes policy – no slides, no speeches, no grandstanding.

The Social Policy

– The Good and their Great Ideas

CIVA ( Centre for Innovation in Voluntary Action)
Generation Rent
London Fairness Commission

What can be done to lift us from housing scarcity?
Places for People / Affinity Sutton
tp bennett architects / Thomas Heatherwick
Land Securities / British Land / Balfour Beatty

The Investment

Who pays and why?

HSBC / Lloyds – head of Real Estate
Allia Charitable Bond/Co-op
Big Issue Invest
Crowdfunder Property Moose / Property Partners/ Property Crowd / Crowdcube
CEO EasyProperty
Blackstone Property Fund

London Affordable Housing Crisis – Key Statistics

1.4 million households – more than three million people – on council housing waiting lists

61,970 households are in temporary accommodation – a 21% increase compared with 2010

Among which, 90,450 children are living in temporary accommodation

Average London property costs £503,431, 14 times of a Londoner’s average earnings of  £35,238 a year

1/2 private renting housing benefit claimants in London are working, compared to 1/3 in the rest of England.

Londoners have to save £179,248 for their deposit on an average London property costing £503,431, where average earnings are  £35,238 a year. A Londoner’s average rent bill is  £1,500.  Home ownership is being reduced to an unachievable aspiration

The Housing Benefit bill for London reached £6bn in 2015

Housing benefit claims in London peaked in 2013 at 850,000 and fell to 820,000 in 2015. The social rented sector accounted for 560,000 claims and the private rented sector 270,000.

In London, renters are having to find £3,735 by way of a deposit and estate agent fees before moving into new accommodation

In the year up to April 2014, 42,870 affordable homes were built in England, lowest amount built in any year since 2004/5.

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