Liti Capital Raises Strategic Investment and Joins Forces with GDA Capital to Revolutionize Litigation Financing

The litigation funding provider has secured an investment and is partnering with the leading blockchain capital markets ecosystem to accelerate the adoption of its disruptive new digital assets.

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Liti Capital SA, the Swiss-based litigation funding provider reinventing private equity investing by leveraging blockchain technology, has engaged growth and blockchain capital markets specialists GDA Capital to accelerate the global adoption and utility of its revolutionary new digital assets. GDA Capital is also making a strategic investment into Liti Capital to accelerate Liti Capital’s first-mover advantage in this explosive niche.

GDA Capital will bring its expertise in growing companies internationally by implementing class-leading initiatives that will help raise awareness for Liti Capital’s mission of giving everyone the opportunity to invest in one of the world’s fastest-growing asset classes: litigation finance, an asset class traditionally only available to elite families and hedge funds.

“We are incredibly excited to be working with Liti Capital to support them in their mission to disrupt traditional private equity while helping consumers around the world access this asset class,” says Michael Gord, co-founder and CEO of GDA Capital.

In addition to helping Liti Capital reach more users, GDA Capital will provide proprietary research into the latest innovations in litigation finance and make recommendations on targeting new markets, particularly Asia and the Middle East.

“Liti Capital’s mission has always been to democratize private equity and make it available to everyone. Working with GDA Capital is a key step in us achieving our goals,” says Andy Christen, co-founder and Chief Vision and Operations Officer at Liti Capital.

Liti Capital is spearheading the arbitration lawsuit on behalf of a group of traders who lost millions of dollars of trades on 19 May 2021 when Binance inexplicably froze their accounts for approximately one hour.

It is believed that this case — the first-ever group action case in the crypto sector — will be a landmark event in defining how organizations operating in the sector behave and treat their customers.

Since Liti Capital’s launch in early 2021, it has raised $19 million to secure assets of up to $200 million, which, if successful, will pay out a dividend to token holders.

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