How Link Building Matters A Lot to Your Online Business

Is it true that the best place to hide a dead body is Google’s page 2? Well, if you ask me, it could very well be true, because it is all about quality backlinks.

Quality backlinks give life to your website, as they are the second most important web optimization factor (right after website content) that has a good impact on the website’s search position. In other words, it’s the best sledgehammer to crack a nut and make your presence online viral.

How Link Building Matters A Lot to Your Online Business
How Link Building Matters A Lot to Your Online Business

From the very first day of developing a search engine optimization strategy for your small business, you should start thinking about which backlink building strategies you are going to invest in.

Picking relevant and trusted sites to receive inbound links from will certainly be the best start.

When It Comes to Backlinks, Target Only the Quality Ones

Only backlinks from trusted, quality sites that bring in traffic can have a good impact on the website’s search position.

If an authoritative site backlinks to your site, some portion of that “authority” is transferred to your website. This way, Google starts to trust your website a little more.

Hence, when Google sees it as a useful source of information, it is more willing to rank your site higher in its search results.

Remember that quality is always a bigger factor than quantity when it comes to content and backlinks in general. Spammy backlinks only harm your search rankings. If you are unable to take the initiative, any competent White Label SEO can help you get quality backlinks.

Help People and Earn Links by Helping Them

In the world of search engine optimization, the currency that works is backlinks.

When you help other people, for instance by sharing your information, useful ideas, easy-to-implement strategies and free resources, you always get something in return for your efforts.

People usually respect you and want to give you something in return – backlinks!

If you want to invest in paid campaigns, think about investing not just in favor of getting inbound links, but also about actually helping your readers or visitors. Many nonprofit and charity organizations are usually looking for sponsors. To return the favor, they mention you or your site on their websites.

The good thing is that domain names that end with .edu, .gov, .info and .org have higher DA (Domain Authority) than commercial sites and are significantly more trusted by search engines like Google.

Getting backlinks from these sites can give your website a lot of authority.

Exchange Opportunities Through Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is undoubtedly a well-known and risk-free approach to getting inbound links.

You can offer to write an article on another authority blog in the same niche market. You will get a valuable link, while the blogger receives high-quality articles for free.

On the other hand, if you really want this strategy to get good results for you, focus on high-quality websites that are highly relevant to your website, instead of taking part in general website exchange networks.

Keep an Eye on the Quality of the Backlink Profile

After applying any search engine optimization strategy, it is advisable to keep an eye on your time and efforts.

As for backlink building, you should examine exactly what results you are getting. You have to do this not just to know whether your efforts are paying off, but also to ensure that you’re not damaging your search position with low-quality backlinks.

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