What are the latest trends in digital marketing?

Online marketing has been a must for a long time now. It has seen a large variety of tools appear, that provided visibility and brought in new customers, for companies in all fields. From e-mailing campaigns to website designing (and remodeling them to fit the latest fashion), all are still in used today. But just like in the traditional one, trends tend to come and go in digital marketing; here are two of the most popular ones, these days.

Two Trends based on Existing Materials

With Christmas approaching, many businesses are looking to improve their sales, by adding a few marketing strategies to their online presence. Those who prepare ahead of time, have already launched them on their website and other locations, on the internet. But many are still scrambling to get them out. It’s partly due to them, if the first trend has appeared, which is the recycling of old material.

The second one has been with us for a while now, and it is still gaining ground. If optimization is also in vogue, it can also be explained by the same reason as recycling: You don’t have to create new material; just maximize your presence online through what you already have. That way, you gain time and spend less. For more on what you need to do to get better results from your digital marketing, visit .

Recycling existing Content

The world has changed throughout the last 24 months, and it had an effect on all companies, in a variety of ways. But what it requested from all of them, was the necessity to look at what they had, to know what they needed to do next, in order to complete what was missing. And in many cases, that necessity was to have a larger presence online. It became evident when the first lockdown hit, and almost everyone had to stay home.

The question for companies became: How can you reach customers, when they are all inside their house? Of course, the answer is easy, and we certainly all know it by now, but for those that weren’t selling online yet, it became a problem that they had to tackle rapidly and with force. All the while, their employees were also now working from home, so they had to turn to Zoom, Skype and other video-conference calls, to get the team together and find those necessary solutions.

But creating an online store was just evidence. Without it, sales were going to fully dry-up for many companies. Now, the next step needed, was to augment their online visibility. That is when they understood the internet is a completely different world. Creating content is not always so easy, especially if you have to do it in a hurry. Therefore, the clever ones turned to what they already had inside the company, and used that material by recycling it.

That is when PowerPoint presentations got thorn apart, and some of their parts were used for online marketing purposes. Documents, including pdf and excel files, were brought to light, to illustrate some of the qualities and advantages the company brought to its customers, compared to their competitors… All ideas were looked at, but only some of them made their way online. And now that we are heading into the strongest months of the year, regarding sales, many marketing directors are looking at current materials to do the same, so they can add to their online presence, quickly.

Optimization keeps growing

By now, there isn’t one company that doesn’t understand the need to find itself in the first pages of results, of search engines; mostly on Google. Yet, there are still many that don’t invest as much as they should in their SEO strategy. The real problem is that optimization is still growing, and the ones that haven’t yet applied it as a digital marketing strategy for their firm, are falling behind, to the risk of finding themselves completely invisible on the internet.

Today, the most important element of optimization is to adapt the language of the company’s communication so that it is easily readable by the Google engine, but also easier to navigate for the users, through what is called UX (User Experience). Again, it asks the company to go back to the material they already have online (website, documents, posts, …), and find a way to adjust the information in order to adapt to those two requests.