Knowing Your Coupons: History and Use

What are Coupons?

What are Coupons? Coupons, if used strategically, are useful tools that can help consumers navigate the waters towards wise spending. They are known to benefit all kinds of people with varying interests. Whether you are searching for betting offers for new customers, or are returning customers looking for the next grocery deal, coupons can help you save big bucks.

Here is a quick guide to help you understand the rise of the coupon, and its importance in society. Are you excited? Let’s go check it out!

What are Coupons?
What are Coupons?

Before we can go any further, it is essential to understand exactly ” What are Coupons? ” Coupons are a kind of ticket that is generally used to obtain a financial discount. Usually, manufacturers or retailers offer high-quality coupons to new and old customers, to encourage buying behaviors – for example, you can find a Bass Pro Shops coupon on the Raise website to secure a discount the next time you purchase any fishing, hunting, or boating gear. The biggest attraction of a coupon is how much money one can save by using it.

Coupon Use: A Brief History

It is not hard to believe that coupons have been used for many years. The great promotions, deals, and discounts encourage people to make purchases, and facilitates them through the process. For customer convenience, there are many different kinds of coupons that have been used over the years. Let’s go and explore the use of coupons in history.

  1. Newspaper/ Magazine Coupons

The concept of a coupon was first used in 1887, when a businessman from Atlanta wanted to publicize the new drink Coca-Cola. Initially, print media was largely used for promotional purposes, which is why the first coupons appeared in newspapers and magazines across the United States.

To encourage Americans to try the soda Coca-Cola, the coupons could be redeemed for a free Coca-Cola drink. It was through this method that a whopping 8.5 million Coca-Cola drinks were made available, free of cost, for Americans. The drink became insanely popular, and by 1895, it was available in all the states of America.

Other companies soon reached out to customers through coupons. Betty Crocker, Shopa Docket are examples of the many who achieved great success and popularity through their discount coupons.

  1. Online Coupons

The modern age makes a great use of technology. Almost everyone has a smart device that allows them to access the web. The internet has been used in a variety of ways to promote different products and services. Coupons have changed shape in the modern age, but still exist to encourage buying behavior and promote company services and products.

There are three main kinds of online coupons:

  1.   Internet Coupons: these include ‘coupon/ promotional codes’, ‘discount vouchers’, free shipping, etc.
  2.   Mobile Coupons: based on smartphones, these coupons are made available through SMS, MMS services. These coupons are typically valid for longer periods of time.
  3.   App Coupons: an adaptation of loyalty cards, these coupons track usage and provide deals based on frequency of use.

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Final Take

As you have seen, coupons are an exciting part of consumer culture. Not only do they help make products more financially accessible to buyers, but they also help promote different companies and retail stores.