What Kind of Lawyer Do You Need?

What Kind of Lawyer Do You Need?

If you’ve found yourself in a tight legal situation then you’re probably going to need to hire a lawyer to help you get out from under it. But not all lawyers have the same skillsets and the same expertise. This is why asking what kind of lawyer you need to solve your legal matter is such an important question.

Here, we’ll take you through the various types of lawyer typically available in the hopes of helping you find the right man or woman for the job who can help you take the right steps at the right time and in the right way.

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Personal injury – If you’ve been injured by a fall or accident and you were not to blame then these are the guys you want to get in touch with. They will deal with any case of physical or psychological damage, reviewing medical documents where necessary and discussing sensitive information with their clients.

Professional Negligence – In situations of professional negligence, if you feel that an individual or a company has provided poor or incorrect advice that has resulted in loss or distress on your part, then this is the lawyer you need. Professional negligence solicitors are available to help you navigate through this incredibly complicated area of the law. For instance, if you or a loved one has experienced a birth injury due to medical negligence, it’s crucial to contact a birth injury attorney who specializes in professional negligence. These attorneys have the expertise and experience to help you seek justice and compensation for the harm caused.

Real estate – For the sale, purchase or rental of any property, not to mention title disputes and issues between landlords and tenants, this is where you want to point your radar. Real estate lawyers will specialise in transactional work (drafting documents etc.) and will rarely see the inside of a courtroom.

Business – Any lawsuit that involves a business will require a lawyer schooled in contracts, employment and intellectual property. Note that the vast majority of business lawyers will work either in-house or for major law firms.

Intellectual property – This deals with copyrights, trademarks and patents, with patent lawyers particularly requiring a good background in the sciences and technology. Indeed, there is a special exam that patent lawyers need to pass aside from the bar exam. Intellectual property lawyers are often highly skilled mathematicians and work with incredible technical information.

Family – If you are dealing with a divorce or adoption then this is the field you want to be looking at. These lawyers are often more apt at dealing with emotional clients, as they are aware that family is an incredibly emotional subject.

Immigration – An immigration lawyer will work with government agencies and those seeking to become permanent or temporary citizens of a new country and will be highly versed in administrative and constitutional law, as well as human rights.

Criminal – Finally, the ‘ones you see on the TV’ are the criminal lawyers who defend or prosecute those who have broken the law. These lawyers will spend the vast majority of their time in court and must be able to withstand immense amounts of pressure.

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