How To Do Keyword Research For PR: A Beginner’s Guide

How To Do Keyword Research For PR: A Beginner’s Guide

When it comes to getting your PR campaigns on point, you will need to ensure you are doing the right keyword research and including links in your press releases. But this is not the only skill you will need to make your company’s PR stand out from the rest also you have to learn how to improve research skills. Here is our guide to ” How To Do Keyword Research ” for PR aimed at beginners….

How To Do Keyword Research

What should I use for keyword research?

There are some helpful tools online like SEMrush that can help you find suitable keywords and also answer the public, a website that will point you in the right direction when it comes to what the public are generally searching for. Without keywords, it would be difficult to get good search volume and in more recent forms of PR, link building and SEO are crucial.

Keyword research will take a while to get your head around if you’re a beginner and some prefer to outsource all of their PR work to a digital marketing agency in London. They will cover everything for you, including the communication with journalists, writing the press releases, doing the keyword research, and generally boosting your digital marketing by focusing on PR tactics. Sometimes paying someone else to manage time-consuming tasks can help you focus on other important jobs within your business.

Your new releases should be optimised

It’s beneficial to make sure your new releases are optimised for any keywords you have found through research. But not only for keywords, they should be optimised to stand out from others in general as there is so much competition to get published these days. Journalists are overwhelmed with emails containing stories, and they have to pick the ones that stand out to them the most. The media will take notice if you set your content up in a way that means it’s already being shared, if they know it’s popular already they will want to publish it so their website gets the clicks from your news.

Make sure all your headlines are grabbing for your audiences

If a press release or a news item doesn’t have a catchy heading, it’s hardly going to attract people to click on it. One of your keyword focuses will need to be the keywords within the headings. You will want your headings to include keywords so they can be easily found by search engines. Don’t overuse the keywords, just keep it simple and unobvious, you’re repeating certain words.

Now that you know the best ways to do your keyword research for PR, it should be a walk through the park if you follow this guide. There is no point getting your keywords up to scratch if you haven’t got good relationships with those in the press, so make sure you don’t only focus on keyword research. Successful PR relies on focus in a few different areas, not just one or two. Good luck with your keyword research, we are sure you will smash it when the time comes to shine with your keyword research!