Is Gemini Going to Change How Brits Use Google?

Now that Google’s Gemini artificial intelligence (AI) software is available in many of the apps that make up Google’s unique digital ecosystem, you might be wondering how it will change how Brits use Google. Let’s take a deep dive into what Gemini is capable of and its role in the future of Internet search in the UK.

Is Gemini Going to Change How Brits Use Google?

Planning for Travel

If you travel for work, pleasure, or both at the same time, you might find the process of booking a flight and hotel time-consuming. Adding an itinerary doesn’t make this any easier. Fortunately, Gemini can take care of many of these plans for you. Gemini takes full advantage of Google’s Hotels and Flights apps and connects them to the powerful AI engine. Tell Gemini you’d like to travel to Scotland and stay there for a couple of nights at a nice hotel, add some specific dates, and give the AI assistant an idea of how much you want to spend. The software will provide you with a plan based on your requests. 

You don’t exactly have to take the first plan Gemini produces, either. Read through what the assistant offers, then tell it to make some changes, and it’ll present you with more possibilities based on your requests. It’s like conversing with a travel agent who is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

Summarising Info

Have you heard the phrase “too long, didn’t read” (commonly abbreviated as TL;DR)? Well, between recipe sites that tell you the writer’s life story before giving details about how to make a dish and Wikipedia entries that aren’t exactly brief, you might not have time to read pages and pages of text. Instead, ask Gemini to summarise the information presented. Summarising works wonders if you need a quick synopsis. Gemini can also read the summary to you or have it ready when you have time to focus on what you found. 

Have Detailed Conversations With Search

Google Search is very good at finding the details you want from a single search, but it falters a bit when you ask for a follow-up and definitely has limits when it comes to auto-suggested queries. Gemini offers the capability to turn your search into a conversation by remembering what you searched for and enabling you to ask more questions or refine what it found. This feels more like having a real discussion with an expert than talking to a search engine. So, go ahead and ask away—Gemini doesn’t get tired of questions!

Picture Search

Have you ever had a question for Google that you couldn’t quite explain or just found that taking a picture was much more manageable? Let’s say you want help in identifying an insect or a plant. While you could attempt to describe to Google what the plant or insect looks like, you could instead take a picture and ask Gemini to identify the species. This is a specific example but could apply to literally anything where you feel the answer will come more easily if you can just show a picture. You could even use apps like Google Lens to track down where to buy a sweater you saw and liked.

Our thoughts on the detailed conversations above also apply here. Once your search finds information, you can start a conversation with Gemini and ask all the questions you want about what you’ve learned from it.

Gemini Writes for You

Having Gemini write for you can take care of many of the cumbersome parts of using a phone or even a keyboard. You could tell Gemini to draft an email for any purpose. Just give the software an idea of what details you want to include. You can also make lots of choices, like opting for a professional or informal tone, having a greeting, or using particular spelling or vocabulary. If you second-guess yourself, just do it again with different requirements. Writing on your own takes time, and you’ll enjoy seeing Gemini write the email quickly using the requested details.

If you have already written an email, you can simply ask Gemini to proofread it and check for grammatical and spelling errors, potentially saving you from embarrassment later.

Search Your Apps for Details

One of the coolest parts of Google Gemini is how the software integrates into many parts of Google, like Gmail and Drive. Rather than visiting every app to find information about a previous email or document, you could ask Gemini to seek one out based on its contents. The assistant can then pull up the right app. While the apps themselves aren’t too challenging, being able to search your Google apps within one app just makes finding things more efficient.

Generating Images and Presentations

Gemini can produce images as well as presentations. Rather than searching through stock imagery, you can describe an image you need and Gemini will generate it. People who don’t have the time to make a complete PowerPoint will also appreciate that Gemini can take the contents of your prompt or a document and turn the information into a presentation you’ll be proud to show. This will save you some serious time!


Google remains the king of finding facts about products, people, places, or anything else you are researching or want to compare. For example, if you want to research games for your phone but don’t want to spend all afternoon hunting through your phone’s app store to find a good casino slot game, you could ask Gemini which apps provide an array of game options

Now, here is the best part. You can ask Gemini to provide some details about the presented possibilities. It’s possible to request a list of recommendations based on certain features you love, great ratings, or even a list of other titles you already like to play. To further refine your prompt, you could even choose to exclude certain things you don’t want to see. Gemini would then provide a table of information with matching results, which is especially great for doing complex product and service research.


To answer our original question, yes, Gemini absolutely will change how Brits use Google. Google has evolved from being an outstanding search engine, email platform, video website (YouTube), and many other things to being an organiser, researcher, and writer tied into your daily life. We look forward to the countless integrations Gemini brings to the table!