Is AI Really Going To Take Over The World?

Is AI Really Going To Take Over The World?

The term artificial intelligence, also known as AI, is not one that is uncommon. It is becoming more and more prominent amongst society today. With the number of talks regarding brand new technology and devices, it is no longer a surprise that talks of AI in most aspects of life are popping out on a regular basis.

With things like memory learning, quantum computing and more. There are many examples of the rise of this development, such as the appearance of many AI-based apps, like Alexa, Tesla, and Siri. The revelation of all these products has brought us to the question of whether AI is going to take over the world.

The progress of AI

According to Statista, the global AI market is expected to grow by 175 percent compared to 2016, which equals to USD $2.4 billion. If we look at the current state of growth for AI, we can see the arrival of many systems and applications. The current abilities of different apps today makes you realize the great potential AI has. Here are some examples of top brands taking advantage of some AI usage:

  • Alexa. This Echo speaker from Amazon comes as a powerful device to not only play music, but you can even shop online, get instant weather reports, control smart-home products and more all with the sound of your voice. This voice-controlled assistant is made to make sorting your virtual needs much easier.
  • Siri. Apple’s popular voice recognition assistant. This device works as a machine-learning app that is able to understand our language, questions and requests. A clear insight into the development of AI in our everyday lives.
  • Tesla. For those who do not know what Tesla is, they are a car manufacturing company that sells a range of electric cars. One of their well-known features includes the self-driving mode, which shows just how far technology can go.
  • Nest. Nest is a learning thermostat acquired by Google. Yes, you heard it right, a learning thermostat. This AI-powered device uses behavioural algorithms to predict your heating and cooling needs.
  • Lenovo. Lenovo recently launched their new hardware and software for firms building machine-learning systems. The ThinkSystem SD530, a two-socket server is now available with the NVIDIA GPU accelerators and Intel Xeon Scalable family CPUs, made for high-performance computer systems.

As we can see through the examples of devices today, it will not be long before you can see this type of technology on a massive scale.

Where are we now?

The AI spectrum is now at a crossroads where people are trying to find out more about the development of AI and where it is going. This is why companies like SRI International – a non-profit lab – are creating tools such as the AI Index, which is used to track AI and its impact. They are using this technology especially for researchers, to gain more data research about the use of AI.

Other companies conducting the same research includes the Electronic Frontier Foundation, which looks to conduct an open source resource. Projects like these are extremely important in creating a better understanding of how AI can be utilized, from areas such as economics, law and security.

As AI is nearing its climax, it is important to understand the safety measures needed when it comes to AI usage. If we look back at the Campaign to Stop Killer Robots during the UN Convention on Conventional Weapons, AI researchers launched a video in their campaign against lethal autonomous weapons. This shows the power that AI can have, especially with the advancements in technology today. With the rise of AI, comes the rise of cybersecurity and hackers.


In conclusion, it really does seem that AI is slowly taking over our world. This technology seems to be expanding progressively, with an increase in AI revenue every year, it is smart to start anticipating this transformation – as a part of the society’s digital transformation.

We can also start to see this revolution with more creations of high-tech cities. Currently, Saudi Arabia already has two megacities in progress, King Abdullah Economic City and NEOM, UAE also seems to be taking part with their creation of the Masdar city, a city project in Abu Dhabi aimed at clean-tech companies.

So the question now is not a matter of whether AI will take over but more of how will we humans adapt to this digital transformation? As AI’s massive influence is bound to take place, it is our responsibility to utilize this change to its fullest while staying safe in the process.

This article was sourced from Think Progress, the official Lenovo blog.