Video Interview with Richard Weaver from Advantage Business Partnerships

Beyond Solutions Boardroom series with Daniel Steeves in partnership with Groupe INSEEC London presents:  Video Interview with Richard Weaver, Growth Partner at Advantage Business Partnerships by Daniel Steeves, in the Beyond Solutions Boardroom.

There is an old saying “Old soldiers never die: they adapt their military skills and become successful civilians” and some of the best coaching and management techniques has been coming from militar professionals, just look at the influence of Sun Tzu in the old Chinese civilisation. This exceptional training skills are also true of the police service, coming back to police experience in the London 21st Century. Whether one’s foundation was coaching and training military / paramilitary forces, upon leaving, many professionals find themselves blessed with an aray of skills and expertise that are valuable in the civilian business and entrepreneurial workforce.

This is definitely true of Richard Weaver, former senior officer with the London Met – Metropolitan Police. Richard, until recently was a Chief Officer in the MET involved restructuring the Police Service so that it could deliver volunteer Police officers for deployment in successful operations – activities such as the during the 2012 London Olympic Games. He was also the Police Lead for the recruitment drive from 2009-2012.

In this first series of IntelligentHQ interviews dedicated to themes as subjects related to the Board Room, conducted by Daniel Steeves, Richard Weaver explore best practices advice and how to deal with issues that entrepeneurs face. From implementing root cause analysis in coaching and management, to how to be assertiveness and getting internal communications right in organisations Richard Weaver and Daniel Steeves share valuable advice for business professionals and entrepreneurs.

Panel Questions:

1. “Can you tell us about your professional background?”

2. 01:58
“Please explain your role building and recruiting the Met Volunteer Police Force”

3. 03:57
“How do you apply your Police experience to the mechanics of small business?”  

4. 05:45
“How do you get entrepreneurs to realise that they need help with their business plan?”

5. 07:52
“Do you believe in retroactive planning as a way of enhancing business growth?

6. 10:13
“How do you apply root-cause analysis to your coaching work and to management in general?”

7. 12:09
“Does your work approach to coaching involve assertiveness coaching?”

8. 13:30
“What aspects of Police discipline that you can apply to the office environment?”

9. 20:14
“How do you apply your military and sports analogies to a constantly changing business environment?”

10. 23:11
“How crucial is internal communication for organisations?”

11. 24:47
“How do you help entrepreneurs to get the right business direction and evolve according to their business growth?”

Interview Richard Weaver by Daniel Steeves IntelligentHQ


Richard Weaver

Richard Weaver is a Former Chief Inspector with the Metropolitan Police, and a Business Growth Partner with Advantage Business Partnerships Ltd. Over the last 10 years Richard have been involved in major restructuring programmes at strategic, and delivery levels which have resulted in significant costs savings and improved outcomes. In his spare time, he continue to put his coaching skills to good use, working with the Rugby Football Union to support the development of National Panel referees to become Championship and Premiership officials.

Daniel Steeves

Daniel is a management consultant with Beyond Solutions Ltd. More a realist than a futurist, Daniel Steeves advises SMEs to transform and grow their businesses – and enable a different way of thinking – both as a Partner with James Caan’s Advisory Business as well as independently across the Digital, Social, Technology and IT sectors. Daniel is a growth-focused change agent with thirty years leading, brokering, designing and selling complex programmes. He collaborates at C-level, adding  experience and perspective to fine-tune what your business says and does (and sells and delivers) with a focus on profitable, sustainable growth.