VC Cafe’s 2013 Startup Intelligence Tools List

There is a startup trend and these new way of creating business is now the new trend. Everyone is looking at the next big thing, IE the next big startup. Many investors and corporations often require a comprehensive, real-time global view of emerging technology businesses. Entrepreneurs in particular can raise a bigger initial investment round by researching the market and demonstrating that the startup is associated with a lesser risk.

In addition, budding entrepreneurs may want to investigate the landscape and indentify potential competitors and role models. As a member of a startup, you’ll have to jump through lots of hurdles, but when it’s time to report to investors or to pivot your business, you will have to interpret internal and external market data, which is crucial to justifying your choices. Sensitive external metrics were had to come by or came with a hefty pricetag. Would’nt it be easer to have all that information in one place?

There is literally so much information and multple site to crawl to get the lowdown on seed and pre-seed startups. Fortunately VC Cafe has done us all a huge favor and curated  a comprehensive list of tools and companies (free/paid)  who provide intelligence data on tech startups from pre-seed (alpha) to mature startups pre-acquisition. Nice one Fellas. 

Founded in 2005 by Eze Vidra, VC Cafe is a leading blog on technology and venture capital, dedicated to obsessively profiling, reviewing and breaking news about new Internet products and companies, venture capital funding and deal flow with a spotlight on Israel, the Silicon Wadi. In addition to covering new companies, VC Cafe organizes the Startup Roundtable series, which are offline events in London, San Francisco and Tel Aviv.

Eze Vidra is also the Head of Google Campus, the Giant Silicon Valley Tech and Search Engine’s new startup space in Europe based in East London. Eze is an experienced startup evengelist worth following and product manager and startup mentor, also Founder of Techbikers.

The curated 2013 Startup Intelligence Tools List:

Corporate (Paid) subscription Services

Analytics/ Market Research/ Statistics Directories (paid) 
Freemium Models/Reports
Beta Lists/ Reviews
B2B APP Marketplaces
User Generated/Wiki/ Startup Directories and insights
Government data/ Official records of companies
Startup Videos/ Product Demos/ Startup pitches
  • PitchEnvy –
  • Slideshare –
  • Youtube – (search for startup pitch, startup demo, startup tutorial)
Startup Social Networks
Mobile App Directories/App Stores
Facebook App directories
  • AppData –
CrowdFunding Platforms (Donation)
Equity Crowdfunding
Businesses for Sale (early stage and mature)
Accelerator Data
Academic Research
Startup Maps/Local Directories



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