Infographic: Top Coveted Digital Marketing Skills

According to research carried out by OMI, Fortune 500 companies as well as other global agencies face a serious skills shortage when it comes to digital marketing. The report surveyed 747 executives from amongst the Fortune 500 companies, on the state of play with regard to digital marketing skills and training. The study highlighted company executives are unhappy, with the current pool of digital skills and social media talent among the teams and recognize that there is a huge gap that is hurting employee retention and sales.

Most desirable skills infographic
Most desirable skills infographic

An examination of the infographic, reveals eight important skills that are keeping Fortune 500 talent bosses up at night. These include analytics, content marketing, mobile, social media, email marketing, marketing automation as well as SEO and digital advertising. Key findings of the report suggest that there is a large talent gap, which is actually a difference between the digital marketing skills your team should have and the skills they actually possess. A whopping 71% of large companies believes that the digital team is drawn with some specialties but weak with others with sizeable gaps identified.

Large brands seem to prefer analytics and mobile marketing as they most coveted digital marketing skills. As mobile technologies are set to be very important to the advertising will in 2014, it is no surprise that 50% of those surveyed, identified mobile as an important skill, but only 29% believed their talent is better a stronger than competing teams. Digital agencies on the other hand identified their most coveted digital marketing skills as mobile, analytics, and marketing automation.

The report suggests that board brands and agencies can actually capitalize on the skill shortage with better training and hiring, after all it goes without saying the better equipped your digital team who are perhaps among the most important employees in the organization the better the return and overall wins will be.

You can download your copy of the 27-page study titled the State of Digital Marketing Talent here. 

Courtesy of: Online Marketing Institute


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