InfluAds 2.0, the first Free Ad Network: an for Quality Ads

Based in Copenhagen and seed backed by Kima Ventures the France / Israel based, InfluAds, is a new advertisement network and crowd-sourced ad network which doubles-down on ad placement. Its aim is to eliminate unsold and remnant inventory and removing ‘bad’ ads with good ones.

This recently new Copenhagen-based startup has a team that spreads across Denmark, US and Portugal and now has 200+ publishers signed up including Venturehacks, StartupQuote and others.

The idea is that publishers (blogs, news sites, anything) work together to develop curated ad networks around their niche. The idea is to drive premium revenue per ad unit and matching multiple ad units per page.

As the advertisement industry shifts and changes new opportunities appear. In this fashion any forms of Ad Tech innovation are thinking small and mostly there is a scenario to disrupt: ad tech abuses the end user: ads disguised as content (native advertising), intrusive ads (pre­rolls and overlays), stalking users (re­targeting), privacy issues (Do­not­Track), etc…

So as site owners care more about their quality and their audiences new attention is required. Influads is a free Ad Network for the generation of publishers that care.

Influads aims to disrupt the way advertising is sold online. By moving away from the traditional fee­based models used by most marketplaces today they aim to increase publisher revenue by 20­40%, allowing them to cut the middle­man and finally own their quality, their value and their distribution channel. Influads offer Direct Sales, marketplace sales and the ability for publishers to invoice clients directly, something never done before.

Influads mission: to make the web more beautiful by being borderline­obsessive about

The new InfluAds in brief offers the following:
● A free advertising network
● Optional services are suggested, not enforced on a strict pay­per­performance basis
● 20 to 40% more revenue to publishers that care about Quality
● A gorgeous, kind of profile page helping publishers promote more sales
● Better monetization across Web Ads, Email Ads, RSS, Podcasts, Video, Syndication content…

Better revenue can be achieved better across different channels, reducing the incentive for clutter. Influads are launching a cross ­medium platform where publishers make money from their Websites, Email Newsletters, RSS, Podcast Sponsorships, Syndicated/Promoted Content… They can also monetize Desktop­ based aps and other mediums with our API, that we’re now launching.

Influads is a platform agnostic supporting Mailchimp, Campaign Monitor, iContact, GetResponse and pretty much every other email platform.

About InfluAds

InfluAds is an 8 ­person bootstrapped startup based in Copenhagen, Denmark but with a physical presence in both US and Europe. Pre­seeded by Kima Ventures in 2011, profitable and with 700+ publishers worldwide, they are opening our model to the masses by delivering quality, transparency and fairness in advertising. Their mission is to drive a better ad experience for users by restoring trust and focus on Quality.

Contacts: Anibal Damião, Founder & CEO
Twitter: @influads
Other contacts: +45 30 14 37 48 / +1 (845) 533 3323 ext 701