What Are The Most Important Trends in Digital Marketing For 2020 ?

What Are The Most Important Trends in Digital Marketing For 2020 ?
What Are The Most Important Trends in Digital Marketing For 2020 ?

Business, and life in general, is always changing. All of us should be ready to embrace change, keep up to date with what is going on, and make the necessary adjustments to it. Digital marketing is an area that must therefore evolve and constantly adapt to the upcoming changes, challenges, and opportunities of the future.

Technology has impacted and changed digital marketing,  but we have grown to the situation of having so much technology, that what is key now is to be able to select the most effective technologies, particularly the ones anticipating upcoming trends in the future. Where to focus ? Maybe in the  upcoming trends we are expected to see growing in 2020.

Digital marketing and multichannel engagement

Digital marketing, has been, over the past few years, all about multichannel engagement. Customers and people in general have access to so many different communication channels. They each have a unique set of technology preferences, which are based on the  devices, apps, and conversational interfaces they mostly use. These are the ones also adopted by costumers to research and buy products.

To be mindful of all those different multichannel option is very important. It is also important to be aware how technology provides now promising marketing opportunities through conversational interfaces (voice, chatbot); artificial intelligence embedded in many applications; and advanced analytics.

Voice interfaces

Voice-enabled technology is a trend that will grow, due to its characterises of enabling personalised marketing. The trend will expand in 2020 and during the upcoming decade. Voice has also lots of potential as a tool for better content marketing.

Visual Content Matters

Even though there has been an expansion of smart speakers and voice search in recent years,  “readable” compelling content is still very important.  Research has shown that people prefer visual content to plain text. The visuals should be compelling and very beautiful and should be used with a focus on storytelling.  Examples of the important of visual content is the exponential growth of image-focused platforms such as Pinterest and Instagram.

6 facts about visual content

Mobile is Taking Over

The younger generations are reaching adulthood. These,  mostly operate and interact through mobile devices. Mobile is therefore a trend that will grow in 2020. To explore it properly, there is the need of doing marketing analytics the right way.

Analytics: The Maths of Digital Marketing

Marketing analytics is a powerful tool to carry digital marketing into the future through the compelling potential to augment and improve marketing efforts. Analytics can track and analyze the outcomes of marketing initiatives and then point the way for changes and improvements. Analytics provide an in-depth and comprehensive understanding of the performance of different digital marketing efforts. As organizations pursue compliance with data privacy regulations like the GDPR, marketing groups are tasked with changing how they acquire, utilize, and protect customer information. New content forms


Chatbots or agents are already used extensively by marketing, e-commerce sites, messaging apps, and other digital platforms. They provide a useful interface for many activities with continuous availability. Often customers prefer interacting with chatbots as they give answers promptly and accurately, and recall entire buying histories or other pertinent details. Artificial intelligence (AI) provides the driving force, with endless possibilities for different kinds of conversations for prospects and customers.