How do I know if my business name has already been taken?

So, you’re starting a business and you’ve decided on the perfect name, entity type and operational plan. You hire a graphic designer to design you the perfect logo, you commission business cards and other brand collateral and stock and then you head off to formally register your business. But as it turns out, the name you’ve chosen has already been registered to somebody else. Now you’ve got a solid business idea – but have no idea what to name it.

What to do if your name is taken?

Deciding on what to name your business is an extremely challenging element of getting your start-up going. Although there are a number of factors to consider, all of these are unimportant if the name you are hoping to register your business as is already registered by another company. You can save yourself an immense amount of time and money for your business by using an LLC name generator to come up with a new name that is legally compliant and available for new business registration.

What is an LLC name generator?

The name generator is a free online resource that business owners can use to generate a unique, legally compliant and accessible name for their business. The generator is an invaluable resource for many who struggle to come up with creative ideas and feel unsure of where to even start when naming their business. The generator provides a number of business name options and is an excellent resource for start-ups.  

How does an LLC name generator work?

An LLC name generator allows business owners to enter relevant information into the generator such as your state, type of business entity you wish to register and the industry in which you will be operating. The generator also requests one or two key words or phrases that should be included in the name and then, using a complex and specifically designed algorithm, the tool will generate a number of legally compliant and relevant potential business names for you to choose from. The tool will also provide an option to you to reserve a few domain names of your choice for up to a month, for free. This will give you enough time to formally register your LLC with your local government and maintain peace of mind that your domain name is already secure.

Why should you use an LLC name generator?

Having the right name for your LLC can ensure that your venture is successful and enduring. The name of your company is the lifeblood of your organisation; it is the first thing customers see and can become intrinsically connected to you or a particular product you sell. For Coca-Cola, second only to “OK”, “Coke” is officially the most widely recognised word in the world. The right name for a business, or even a product, can be an exceptionally powerful tool for you and can play a vital role in ensuring long term success for your business. An LLC name generator will provide you with potential business names that will fulfil the important aspects of naming your business. Generally speaking, your chosen name should be short, industry relevant and unique. There are also legal considerations that must be accounted for when choosing your name. For LLC’s, you are required to indicate – using a state approved abbreviation – at the end of your name that the kind of business you are operating as is a formally registered LLC. The generator will ensure that the potential business name options it provides are all legally compliant with your particular state requirements in this respect (e.g. The use of Ltd. or Co. vs the use of LLC and L.C or any variations thereof within your particular state.) Visit this site to try the name generator out for yourself and see what your company should be called.

 Once your name is registered with the government and your domain name is secured, you can start the process of getting your business going with one less thing to worry about.