How To Use Social Media To Engage Customers

How To Use Social Media To Engage Customers

Social media has emerged as a crucial marketing channel for businesses of all shapes and sizes – whether you’re marketing to consumers, or to the employees of a business. Almost every internet user engages with social media: Facebook alone has nearly two billion users, while the business-focused LinkedIn network has nearly five hundred million contributors. Marketing to social media users in an engaging way can substantially pay off for your business. Here are some tips.

Use quality photos and graphics – Social Media To Engage Customers

As with any advertising channel the quality of what you post on social media leaves a lasting impression of your business. Second, an image or graphic that is eye catching and original is much more likely to make a social media user stop and look at your post instead of scrolling past.

Social media is all about sharing – and users would be far more likely to share what you have posted if it is visually appealing. However, make sure that the content is relevant – you don’t want a gap between the content and the message.

Create custom content that engages customers – Social Media To Engage Customers

Thought visual elements are keenly shared, don’t lose sight of the written word. Creating original content can be difficult if you do not have in-house writing skills, but you can use a content marketing company to help you create content of interest to your target customers.

Content is also an excellent tool for drawing comments from social media users – and it is when discussions are triggered that the real value of social media is expressed.

Add something unique – Social Media To Engage Customers

One way to ensure your social media presence is not ignored is to try to add value to your activity. You could promote a special offer that is only available to Twitter users or run a competition on your Facebook page. If users catch on to the fact that the best deals – or interesting facts – are only available on your social media presence they are likely to keep a close eye on it.

Follow other users – Social Media To Engage Customers

This is a common but often missed strategy: to get other users to follow and watch your company, follow them first. If you think a customer is of interest, you can comment on their posts or follow their social media feed.

You can also publish guest posts to grow your network – social media is not a winner takes all situation; sharing your presence with others grows the popularity of everyone involved.

Respond in a timely manner – Social Media To Engage Customers

Internet users and especially social media users are known for having short attention spans. When you interact with a prospective customer on social media make sure you respond very quickly so that you don’t lose their interest.

Often your encounter with a social media user would centre on a complaint, and you have only a short period to diffuse the issue – if you wait too long any resentment will simply grow. Finally, your comment on a social media post can often spark a further conversation – and interest in your business – but this won’t happen if you let too much time pass.