How to Use AI and Help Humanity?

It’s no secret that artificial intelligence (AI) helps humans in different ways, especially when it comes to effectiveness, liability, precision, and speed. Due to the digital transformation, we now have numerous AI use cases, while not so long ago, many associated AI with robots and sci-fi movies.

For example, this technology works great as a tool in the financial industry to automate fraud prevention and as a way to spot harmful transactions. Fast data management and analysis are just the beginning of what AI can do. So what are the other benefits of this life-changing technology, and how does it help humanity? Keep on reading the article to find out. 


AI Helps Fight Human Trafficking

Yes, it’s possible to utilize technology against criminals. During the past decade, researchers and nongovernmental organizations have combined forces to investigate and spot human trafficking, a very serious crime involving organized trafficking networks. Often, identifying such large-scale criminal groups is challenging.

To combat such criminal activity, AI software and special computer vision algorithms monitor and detect inconsistencies in search engines. Typically, criminals use images and ads online to trick their victims. AI automatically detects such websites by scraping images from countless sites; this way saving people from becoming human trafficking victims. 


AI Helps Develop New Medication

Artificial intelligence assists pharma businesses by analyzing large amounts of data and helping develop new medication strategies. AI algorithms can be thought to predict medicine side effects. That’s why AI is a vital tool in optical drug production and its predictive analysis. On top of that, AI tools are used in hospitals and other institutions to help safely gather and monitor patient data, including documents with information about various pharmaceutical products. 


AI Helps People With Disabilities

Voice recognition and voice-assistant services that are powered by artificial intelligence assist people with disabilities, especially those who need guidance while living alone. Hearing a voice that describes the surroundings works great for those who have trouble seeing. That’s why nowadays, smart devices help people communicate and overcome daily challenges, which is a major benefit and a great convenience for persons with disabilities. 


AI Helps Optimize Renewable Energy

Artificial intelligence and machine learning can optimize energy storage and use rates by balancing energy needs in real-time. Power companies use AI to schedule grid maintenance, while consumers benefit from AI in renewable energy by enabling uninterrupted green energy flow. That means AI uses wind speed predictions and creates better forecasts to power renewable energy output. It takes minutes rather than days, leading to high efficiency and minimizing operating costs. 


AI Helps Create New Jobs

A popular misconception about AI is that this technology is replacing humans. While skeptics agree with this theory, we can notice different examples. AI is creating a breakthrough in the market, pushing many companies to invest in AI-powered software, tools, and general services that require to create new jobs for humans. There’s a tendency for people that are new to the IT sector to switch their career paths and apply for new AI-related jobs.

The promising technology has proved to be an advantage already regarding efficiency and data processing, which is an absolute necessity in cybersecurity. For instance, today’s fraud prevention scene is full of automated AI-powered tools that improve accuracy and minimize human error. A very popular example is Identity Verification, which uses AI to scan and verify people’s documents to prevent fake identities and financial crime online. Developers and fraud prevention specialists use AI as an assistant, which means they are still needed for their job, but it makes it easier to complete daily tasks. 



It’s clear that AI can be used for good. While there are many use cases already, AI has the potential to help even more people in the future. New AI-based apps and programs are constantly developed, helping overcome challenges and serving our society. While we can’t exactly predict what will happen next with the ever-growing technology of AI, it sure will continue to provide people with beneficial tools that assist us daily.