How to Pass Project Management Exams

How To Pass Project Management Exams

Project management is a career which a lot of people tend to pursue as it is highly demanding. However, to make it big as a project manager, you must pass the project management exam which can be a little difficult. You will find many pmp pass guaranteed programs, but at the end of the day it largely depends on your own skills and passion, no course can make you pass an exam unless you are willing to work that hard.

To pass a project management exam, one should be dedicated, hardworking, out of the box thinker, innovative and of course, skilled. In fact, you being smart has not a lot to do with passing the exam, there are many other factors involved too which should be taken into consideration in order to pass the exam.

Passing these exams successfully gets you a PMP certification (Project Management Professional) which will push you ahead in the race of corporate identities as this certification proves that pack serious business and project handling skills.

Without further ado, here are some tips that will help you pass project management exams:

1. Consistent Practice Of Exam

Practicing the exam consistently is essential if you wish to pass the real exam with a good score. There are various kinds of mock exam papers available that you can attempt and see which areas require improvement and which ones are you good at.
This will also give you an idea of the time management. You’ll know how much time it will take to solve specific problems. You can then figure out how much time should you spend on individual questions because time is important and limited in this case.

After consistent practice, you will be aware of the content and pattern of the exam and won’t get nervous once you see the real exam paper before you. You will feel confident and relaxed. After constant practice, you will realize that you are getting a hang of it and spending less and less time to complete the test. If you happen to score 85% or more constantly in your mocks then you won’t have any problems passing the real exam.

2. Never Leave Unanswered Questions

People often make a mistake of leaving some question unanswered. The good thing about PMP exams is that there is no penalty on giving wrong answers. Meaning, if you are unaware of the correct answer, you will still have a 25% chance of getting the right answer but if you leave it blank then consider it a point lost.

Other than that, do not spend more than a few seconds on a single question, if you do not know the answer to a certain question, move on, although keep in mind that you have to work out on that problem once you are done answering other questions. In the end, if you are running out of time, do not hesitate to go for “ try your luck strategy” because there’s no punishment for answering wrong.

How To Pass Project Management Exams

3. Take Study Breaks

It is a fact that you can’t pass any kind of exam unless you study hard for it. In this situation, people often make a mistake of studying non-stop and getting tired before the exam.
Your mind needs to rest after regular intervals to help you feel fresh throughout the time you study. The right approach to learn is to take frequent breaks between studies. Set checkpoints, once you reach it. Take a small nap or watch TV or do anything that sets your mood right because if you keep on studying non-stop you’ll get exhausted and will have a tough time studying further.

4. Take An Off Before The Exam Day

It is very essential that wind up everything before the exam day. The reason is simple, you need to be well relaxed and focused on your exam day to give your 100%.