How to make slime?

how to make slime?
how to make slime?

The Fever of the moment is the slime?  Do you know what this is? Looking for ways to entertain children? Or even relieve your stress? Then learn how to make homemade slime fluffy. This viscous mass, which makes the most success in social networks, can be prepared at home with simple and inexpensive ingredients. Check out!

Who has been in the habit of using Instagram has probably watched videos with people manipulating a kind of cute amoeba. The joke, so enjoyable to watch, can also come to life in your house, you just put the “hand in the dough”.

What is Slime Fluffy?

There’s no denying it: slime is a real phenomenon on the internet. People spend hours observing this super malleable geleca, which in addition to having incredible colors, can take on various shapes.

What is Slime Fluffy?
What is Slime Fluffy?

Slime Fluffy is nothing more than a viscous-looking clay, which seems to be very nice to manipulate with your hands. It is a kind of amoeba, only with more colors.

When preparing the dough, you can customize it in different ways, using metallic colors (such as gold and silver) or even pastel shades (baby blue, light pink or yellow). Anyway, the Slime Fluffy trend gives wings to the imagination.

Some people choose to create a very colorful amoeba, playing with the colors of the rainbow. Others, however, opt for something more monochromatic or with effects, as is the case with glitter mixing.

Children, when playing with the slime, come in contact with different colors, shapes and textures. They enhance the sensory experience and improve the perception of the hands. In adults, the clay also causes an incredible sense of well-being.

How to make  a fluffy homemade slime?

Here are 5 easy-to-make slime recipes that take ingredients you probably have at home.

How to make  a fluffy homemade slime?
How to make  a fluffy homemade slime?

Recipe 1: Slime with shaving cream, boricated water and  clothes softener


  • 1 softener spoon
  • Shaving foam (triple the amount of glue)
  • Food colorings
  • 1 spoon of boiled water
  • 1 cup white tea
  • ½ spoon (soup) of bicarbonate of sodium

Step by step

In a glass, use a cup of white glue. Then add the softener and a generous portion of shaving cream. Add the boricated water, sodium bicarbonate and dye to the color you want. If you do not have dye at home, you can substitute for gentian violet. Mix all the ingredients with a spoon, until a loose mass of the container forms.

Soon we gonna show other techniques to create other types of slime, until the next time 🙂

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