How To Embrace AI For The Sake of Your Business

How To Embrace AI For The Sake of Your Business
How To Embrace AI For The Sake of Your Business

As society hurtles towards ever more unbelievable feats of technology, it’s no wonder that some people feel it nearly impossible to keep up. The trajectory of digital technology is on a path of exponential growth and is not predicted to stop or decline anytime soon. To protect your business from falling to the wayside in the wake of more technologically oriented companies, it is a good idea to investigate the ways you can embrace up and coming technologies in order to improve and make more money. One aspect of new tech that seems to frighten people the most is the advancement of artificial intelligence. Here are six reasons you should ignore this reservation and adopt AI as the useful business tool it can be.

One: Forget the Fear

Before actually taking on forms of artificial intelligence to help your business it’s important to confront any unease you may feel about it. There is a multitude of reasons people suggest that artificial intelligence is a danger to society not only now but as a threat to the future. This is not a new kind of fear. Ever since the beginnings of almost any kind of technology, people have not trusted the uncertainty that comes with something new. Science is dedicated to learning more about the world but it is also the main reason society is able to progress. Instead of resisting the flow of AI becoming more and more mainstream, your business will benefit from an eagerness to utilise these new technologies in ways that will decrease your workload while increasing overall efficiency. A few reasons you may be hesitant about this are:

  • You are unfamiliar with artificial intelligence.
  • You aren’t confident in how to use it.

There are many ways around these obstacles for the sake of your business. If you are unfamiliar with AI, simply undertake a moment of research and discover that you are likely using it every day. Once you realize that you’ve been using it all along, you’ll also notice that the technology is specifically designed to be intuitive and easy to understand. Believing it will be too complicated for your business shouldn’t be a worry as AI is built to help, not hinder.

Two: Personal Assistant

Now let’s get onto the excellent ways that AI can boost your business and make work more efficient. If you have a smartphone, as an increasingly large number of people do, then you are already equipped to adopt AI as a personal assistant. Services like Siri, Cortana, Alexa and Google Assistant are all specially designed to make your life easier, and as a businessperson this should be a huge relief. While they may not be able to make you a coffee – for now – they are excellent at maintaining diary schedules, calendar dates, arranging meetings and providing information immediately upon request. You will save money by not hiring an assistant and you will also have fewer confusions or miscommunications as AI is not afflicted with the potential for human error.

Three: Reaching Your Audience

Another way artificial intelligence can fine tune the running of your business is by showing you how your customers engage with technology and brands. When setting up your marketing strategy it is important to remember that many of your consumers will be using smart technology and AI to help them too. For example, voice search is core to mobile marketing as it takes a hands-free approach to finding what the customer is looking for. By learning how this kind of AI works, you will be better able to tailor your marketing around these new ways of searching. Artificial intelligence can help you push your business closer to the attention of potential customers who use voice search instead of type. The differences may not seem significant enough to change your strategy, however the increasing number of people using voice search will ultimately change the way businesses show up in search engines.

Four: Finances and Protection

Artificial intelligence detects patterns in behaviours not only from customers but also your own online life. Mobile banking has made life much easier for many small businesses as the need to locate specific bank branches is no longer a necessity when performing transactions or handling accounts. It protects you from fraud by understanding your business’ spending habits and alerting you to unusual expenditures.

Five: Cyber Defense

All the data that is collected on every online user is a precious commodity and artificial intelligence ensures that it is treated as such. Your customers will be protected from the information they give you being stolen by third parties if you engage with AI services that are built to perform this task. Artificial intelligence is a strong and growing form of online protection.

Six: Translation

As the world gets smaller and more connected it’s important to be able to communicate with all sorts of people from all around the globe. Instead of feeling limited by your knowledge of other languages, using artificial intelligence will help you broaden your communication range. AI translation services are an excellent way of quickly and easily putting across your ideas to people who perhaps don’t share your language. Your business will no longer suffer from being held down by its original language and can now expand to all corners of the world. Any technology capable of bringing people closer and strengthening communication is surely something to take full advantage of.

Now that you have realised that AI is nothing to be afraid of or avoided, your business is sure to benefit. Teach yourself more about artificial intelligence and all the unexpected places it can be found – this will drive your business forward as it sheds old-fashioned techniques in favour of smoother, more efficient ones. Take full advantage of AI as a personal assistant to provide you with better organization and information. Track your consumers’ online behaviour to better understand their needs so your business can provide them. Online banking and AI will make running your business easier and quicker, as well as keeping it protected from fraud. AI translation services will expand your business’ reach. The possibilities are everywhere and it’s time to seize them.