How to Easily Get Your Book Published in 2021

Are you a dreamer and an artist who wants to become a published author? Then you’re not alone and your dream of getting your book published is not preposterous! If you have written a book or a novel that you’re extremely proud of, you must want people to read your work as well. Writing a book is a great achievement in itself but getting it to the reader is just as important. The best part is that it is completely possible for you to get your book published in 2021 and we are going to discuss all the steps that are necessary for you to follow to realize your dream.  

How to Easily Get Your Book Published in 2021

Research your Genre

When getting into the book publishing business, it is important to know what kind of books people are reading. For this reason, you must research your genre and learn from the classics as well as the contemporary artists that are writing in the same genre as you. This way, you will better understand the kind of books that publishers are looking for and if your novel is something that they would be interested in. It is always good to have some knowledge about the current trends in your genre as it will maximize your chances of getting a book deal. You must understand that it may take years for your books to get published. So, there is a chance that the trends of times may have changed once your book gets to the stores.

How do you want to get your book published?

It is very important to consider how you want to get your book published- do you want to self-publish? Are you looking to traditionally publish your book? Or are you aiming high and want to publish your book with the big 5 (Penguin Random House, Hachette Livre, HarperCollins, Macmillan, and Simon & Schuster)? Like everything else in life, there are pros and cons of all these options as well. For example, some self-publishing platforms may allow you to opt for the print on demand option in addition to getting an ebook. Self-publishing offers you more authority over your book and you get to decide the creative aspect of the book. However, you may have to do the marketing yourself and your book may not reach your desired number of people. Whereas, publishing with an established publisher will give you a chance to reach a wider and larger audience. It will also be distributed in major bookstores. However, you may only get 10-15% of the royalties made from sales. It depends on you to decide which option you want to go for that suits you best.

Get Feedback on Your Manuscript

If you haven’t done so, get feedback on your manuscript. You must have your friends or beta-readers read your book to let you know whether your book is good enough to get published. You must give them the freedom to be candid with you and offer you honest advice regarding your book. They can offer you constructive criticism to help you make your book even better. It is a good idea to choose people who would be interested in the genre that you’ve written in. If you can get a professional to read and provide feedback on your book then that would be great as they will offer you unbiased feedback from a third-party perspective. On the other hand, if you can afford to go to a writers conference then it may be a good idea to attend it as it is a great way to connect it with published authors and editors. You may be able to get one-on-one feedback on your manuscript from the agents or editors that are attending the conference- and you never know, you might even find your potential publishing agent there!

Work With Your Agent And Find A Publisher

To find your agent, you must send a “query letter” to your potential agents. The query letter is an introduction you make to pitch yourself and your manuscript to different agents. If they like your book, then they will sign an agreement with you and will represent your book to different publishers. Once you find the best publisher that is offering you the best book deal, you will sign a contract with them and you will be all set to publish your first book ever!

How to Easily Get Your Book Published in 2021

Publishing your book is no cakewalk. While the steps in this short article may seem over-simplified, they do cover the basics. Remember to make sure that your book is good enough by getting beta-readers to read it. It is also wise to allow your agent to be your first editor and make changes to your manuscript according to their advice. They have been in the industry for a long, so they know better what the publishers will be attracted to.

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