How To Care For Luxury Vinyl Tiles

Vinyl Flooring has a  beautiful appearance that also boasts bright and shiny floors.They guarantee sophistication, great style; and is the most popular choice of almost every home due to its appearance, durability and long-lasting strength. 

Vinyl floors can definitely last for more extended years, if you would take their proper care. Therefore, after installing the Lvt flooring at your home or office, you must look upon the proper maintenance of these floors ; so that they could sustain their charm and make the space look attractive. 

In the section below, we have addressed for you some best ways to clean and maintain the vinyl floors.

Let’s have a look at these ways.

  • Regular Cleaning

Always remember that even the smallest of dirt particles could easily damage the vinyl floors; due to their sharp edges over time. Also, the grime particles are like sandpaper; and can remove the finishing of the floors. 

However, if you want the floors to look pristine by preventing the dirt; you must use a vacuum or a broom everyday to keep the floors clean.

  • Use Mop

Cleaning a vinyl floor won’t require greater materials. You could use a wet mop on the floor to clean the spills or the footsteps on the floor. Mop can take away all the dirt and make the floor look shiny and bright; giving it a completely new look. So make sure that you clean the floors with the vacuum or mop.

  • Deep Cleaning

Regular cleaning could be done by the mop and broom, but every once a week, you should use some floor specifics to get the most out of your vinyl plank flooring. For this, you could take some warm water, add a dish soap and white vinegar to it. 

This solution would be perfect for the deep cleaning of your lvt floors; and you could use it to wash the entire floors.

Other Things To Do

  • Do clean the floor immediately; if there have been any spills on the floor
  • The heavy appliances and furniture; which don’t move frequently; must be equipped with non staining flat floor protectors
  • You must put up walk off mats at the entrance, both inside and outside to prevent the dust from getting to the lvt floors
  • Soft- bristle brushes could even be used over the stained area to lift up the dust particles; that have been stuck in the floor
  • To prevent bleaching and stickiness, always rinse away the soap and detergent after cleaning
  • You should never use a steam cleaner on the lvt floors; as it can cause irreversible damage
  • It would be much  better to prevent exposure to direct sunlight
  • If there has been a dent, cut or scratch; then make sure that you replace the tile and not try to fix the scratches and gouge

The Bottom Line

Maintaining the vinyl floors is not a difficult task; however, you would have to follow some precautions to prevent the dirt, spills and mud on the floor. With the above mentioned steps, you could definitely take the right care of your lvt floors.