How to Build Result-Generating Content for Your Business: Max Zaharenkov Reveals Secrets of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing requires a comprehensive approach to all the strategies realized by the company. A team of competent marketers should pay attention to social media networks, advertising channels, blogs, email newsletters, and other networks to promote the best results. Almost any digital marketing strategy is built on the content. That is why result-generating texts really matter for your business.

But how to create this great content for your project to meet all the goals and expectations of your target audience at once. Our editorial staff decided to ask this question to Max Zaharenkov, a famous filmmaker, influencer, businessman, and digital marketer. Having started his own company and helped dozens of people to improve their digital marketing strategies, Max is ready to reveal secrets in the context of the content.

Max Zaharenkov believes that qualitative content marketing is the key to taking your business performance up to the next level. Let’s take a closer look at the exclusive tips from one of the most popular digital marketers on how to build result-generating content for your company.

1 – Content Marketing Goals Should Come First

Make this point your highest priority in the very beginning. It is impossible to move further in the right direction with no idea about your content marketing goals. It can be increased traffic or a bigger number of subscribers or followers, more app downloads, or conversions. Your project might obtain several content marketing goals at once. It’s OK. But note that all the purposes and missions should be added to your content marketing mission statement. It is important not to miss any aspect.

Your content marketing statement should include not only goals but answers to the most critical questions concerning your business. Content marketers should be sure that they know:

  •         The target audience of the project Followers, subscribers, customers).
  •         The concept of the content marketing strategy to reach their target audience.
  •         The benefit of the result-generating content for the business.

If your content marketing mission statement is ready, you will be able to research and understand your audience better.

2 – Create Customer Personas to Reach Your Target Audience

To define your target audience, use analytical tools and customize your content marketing strategy according to the persona of your customer. Sometimes business representatives know a little about their target audience. This is a huge problem for content marketing. If you do not know what category of people you would like to reach, blog texts, email newsletters, and other content on the Internet will attract a small number of viewers and involve only a part of this audience.

In order to create a proper customer persona, take into consideration demographic and psychographic factors. Your ideal client should be similar to real people who are waiting for your qualitative content and will be glad to convert into standing purchasers or followers of your social media network accounts.

3 – Use Digital Networks to Find Your Target Audience

Today is the era of digitalization when almost every second person surfs the net and is looking for online interactions. Switch to digital channels where you can find your target audience. Do not be limited to only Instagram or Facebook. Explore other networks to catch the attention of your target audience:

  1.   Understand if your customers use Google or other search engines to find the information they need. Improve search results of your website to involve more visitors.
  2.   Search for your target audience in Quora, Reddit, and similar platforms. You need to post content there as well to answer questions of your audience and provide useful information related to your business.
  3.   Do not forget about social media networks. Online presence is impossible without Instagram, Facebook, Twitter. TikTok is used for marketing purposes now as well. That is why your company might benefit from posting video content in this extremely popular video-sharing app.
  4.   Understand if your target audience is offline-friendly and prefer in-personal meetings and events more. This is a category of elder people who would like to communicate and interact with potential service providers and sellers in real life.

It goes without saying that your ideal customers can be related to different categories. That is why a comprehensive content marketing strategy is a must. Your business requires multiple digital networks to achieve the perfect online presence and attract a real audience fitted to your customer personas.

4 – Pick Sides with Marketing and Social Media Metrics

Do not forget that all your results should be well-visible and well-controlled. Specify your KPIs at the very beginning to manage your content marketing strategy at all stages. You need to set goals for your business not only in general. Be ready to define your target revenues, signup statistics, search ranking results, in-site traffic percentage, other metrics.

This way you will be able to see what content does not bring expecting results. Timely changes to your digital marketing strategy will save time and money. Marketing and social media metrics prevent failures and losses. Keep track of numbers and showings to prevent unpleasant situations and extra spending.

5 – Set About Your Result-Generating Content for Higher Business Performance

Start your website blog and post here SEO-friendly texts with helpful information. This way you will increase your search ranking and attract more visitors who are interested in tips presented in your blog. Do not forget about email newsletters that should be eye-catching and click-friendly. Additionally, content marketing is impossible without social media network campaigns. Be creative and remember about needs of your target audience:

  •         Be active on Instagram and involve leaders of minds to promote your goods or services. Shoot stories and engage followers to repost your publications. Arrange giveaways with excellent prizes.
  •         Post promos and announcements on Facebook. Link your blog articles and advertise them in the Facebook account. Engage people to comment on your posts.
  •         Update your blog content regularly. Even expert articles need to be refreshed from time to time. Post texts about trends and novelties in your niche. People like innovations.
  •         Create viral TikTok videos related to your business. Do not forget to add links to other social media accounts in the header of your TikTok account to increase your media outreach.

We hope that all the above-mentioned tips are helpful for your business. Let your content marketing be profitable and result-generating with the help of a well-thought strategy based on Max’s Zaharenkov recommendations.