How to Avoid Losing Money With Your Ecommerce Store?

How to Avoid Losing Money With Your Ecommerce Store?
How to Avoid Losing Money With Your Ecommerce Store?

You would be hard-pressed to argue against the need for using Ecommerce when you look at the growth trends for customers buying online, but it is definitely not a case of designing a storefront and watching the sales numbers grow.

What might be more of a surprise to some of you, who may actually have a successful Ecommerce store already, is that there are almost certainly a number of ways in which you might be missing a trick and wasting more money than you need to, or even losing money as aresult of some bad practices.

The infographic Your Ecommerce Store is Leaking Money, aims to demonstrate exactly where you could be saving money and also targets areas where you could even be losing money.Conversion rates for example, are a key area, and the route to big profits for your business involves the art of not just attracting customers to your site in the first place, and not even successfully persuading them to put items in the basket ready for checkout, but actually getting them to click the pay now button at the end of their retail journey with you.

It is not really rocket science in many cases, but there are so many sites where navigation is complex and almost impossible at times. If you don’t make your add to cart and checkout buttons as visible as possible and don’t make accessibility to all areas of your online store as simple and easy as possible, you will not be achieving the conversion rates that could be attainable if you had all of those things in place.

There are numerous aspects to consider when creating an Ecommerce site that really works. If any one of those critical components don’t meet your customer’s approval, there is a fair chance that it may end up dissuading them from buying from you in the first place, or returning at a later point with another order.

Take a look at the following guide, done by Red Stag Fulfillment and see if you can identify any areas with your Ecommerce business where you might be leaking money.

Your Ecommerce Store is Leaking Money2
Infographic, done by Red Stag Fulfillment