How Successful Car Dealerships Market Today

How Successful Car Dealerships Market Today

Selling cars is often part science and part art with successful car dealers using a vibrant combination of strategies to get people into their showrooms and make purchases.Here are the strategies that the most successful car dealers are using today.

Automotive Pay Per Click – How Successful Car Dealerships Market Today

With nearly every car dealership being online today, there is a lot of competition when using the Internet to attract customers. To gain an edge, your dealership needs to employ a variety of marketing tools and approaches, including email and social media marketing. But perhaps the most valuable, is getting your dealership top placement on the most used search engines and using pay per click (PPC).

PPC is a type of Internet marketing where your ads are placed on targeted websites. The ad placement is handled by companies including Google and Yahoo, and you pay a fee to them each time one of your ads is clicked.

Search engine advertising is one of the most popular forms of PPC. It allows you to bid for ad placement in a search engine’s sponsored links that appear when someone searches on a keyword related to your business. The more people click, the more potential customers get fed to you.

If it sounds complicated, it can be, and it is best to hire an online marketing company that specializes in automotive pay per click. These companies can help you get results that increase your sales.

Traditional Advertising – How Successful Car Dealerships Market Today

Traditionally, car dealers purchased advertising space in local newspapers and magazines and purchased airtime on local radio and television to procure potential buyers or car leads. Larger dealers also bought billboards and other outdoor advertising to attract customers to their dealerships. These methods have been eclipsed by on-line marketing, but they often get great results and should be part of your overall marketing strategy.

The most important aspect of this approach, is to make sure you specifically target your desired audience as much as you can. This means that if you want to sell minivans and SUVs to housewives, then you make sure your ads get in front of them mostly. When creating your advertising, remember to come up with themes that appeal to your target demographic, and that include special time based offers for those who make a purchase now.

If you really need it, don’t be hesitant to hire professionals to help you design big budget advertisements, like TV commercials.

Auto Marketplaces – How Successful Car Dealerships Market Today

There is a lively marketplace for auto sales that a majority of auto buyers look to when they want to purchase. These magazines and on-line websites that include CarsDirect,, Autotrader and dozens of others feature thousands of cars, attract millions, and will get you right in front of your potential car purchase customers.

You simply place an ad in these marketplaces and they market to your customer base both locally and in not so nearby communities. To get a deal, or for the right car many buyers are willing to travel hundreds of miles, and if you sell specialty or hard to find cars, buyers may even travel cross-country.

The process means you will need to place ads with these companies and here you need to make sure you take premium space and create ads that grab potential buyer’s attention. If you execute effectively, enquires for your cars will take a leap, and so will visitors to your dealership.

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