How outsourcing transformed my business overnight

Outsourcing was a more viable option for my business that an in-house solution.

Guest Post by James Timpson

The thought of parting with hard earned cash may sound gut wrenching; however, over the years I learned that smart delegation can yield phenomenal results. From accounting to cold calling, when I first started my business I did everything myself. I knew that running a business was time consuming, but I didn’t know that it would literally take over my life.

People had suggested outsourcing certain tasks for years, but I was always a little apprehensive. It wasn’t until I started expanding my operation that I saw the true value. And since that moment I’ve never gone back. Featured below is a list of how outsourcing helped me achieve success.

Freed up my time

Working too much actually hindered my productivity, especially towards the end of each month when I was under pressure to meet deadlines. This caused a snowball effect that was very difficult to solve. While I was reluctant to outsource at first, the burden it lifted from my shoulders was worth the investment alone.

Outsourcing also allowed me to concentrate on more revenue generating tasks, which has
significantly expanded my client base. In addition I now have more time for my family, which has led to a much better work/life balance.

Saved me money

When I first started expanding my business I considered hiring an employee to undertake all of the mundane activities; however, after speaking with a recruitment agency I realized that it would have cost me roughly £2,000 in overheads alone. I didn’t consider the office space, equipment and training costs that would’ve been involved before they even started working.

Outsourcing reduced these overheads and allowed me to distribute my excess funding elsewhere. I now rent a serviced office for one day a week through Skyline Offices, which has given my business a prominent address in Central London. This is something I would’ve never been able to afford had I hired an employee.

Increased my revenue

I’m quite versatile, but I’m certainly not a business guru. While I know a little about accounting procedures, computer programming and marketing through trial and error, I’m far from professional. Outsourcing these activities has significantly increased my revenue because I’ve been able to focus on my primary job rather than spreading myself thin; therefore, I’ve done better work. Business is about quality, so providing excellent services and pricing accordingly is paramount. Outsourcing has allowed me to put more effort into my work; therefore I’ve been able to raise my prices and justify the costs without any problems.It taught me to be ruthless.

Of course, this isn’t always a positive; however, in the past I was prone to bartering and often felt that contractors were trying to take advantage of my good nature. When I first started outsourcing I had a few issues when I hired some poor freelancers who didn’t deliver. It was the first time I had to argue for a refund – which I eventually received.

After having a problem I decided that in the future I would always stand my ground. I offer a quality service and should be paid fairly for my work. Nowadays I never accept offers and always have a set rate. Over time I’ve discovered that most clients will pay the asking price anyway.


Even though I always knew that outsourcing was the key to building a bigger and better business, I didn’t realize that my operation would literally transform overnight. While the prospect was initially scary, it didn’t take long before I started reaping the rewards. For those who are going through the same predicaments that I went through, I’d definitely recommend outsourcing as soon as possible.

Image Credit:Work Hoppers