How Compatible are You Financially?

How Compatible are You Financially?

Money tensions can lead to tensions in married life. The tensions can be about the misunderstanding, household management, emotional compatibility, and financial compatibility. Out of these, financial compatibility is one that matters in the long run. It makes or breaks a relationship. Now, most couples misinterpret this concept to earning equally or earning in abundance or earning less than required. However, the term financial compatibility is the route to keeping you united in every hardship that you may come across. Many happily married couples prefer not to discuss their responsibilities towards money matters. It is essential to address money matters openly with your partner for the health of your relationship. Do you want to know if you are compatible with your partner? Take the quiz and find out.

Do you know how much is the earning and debt of your partner?

a. Yes, I do know my partner’s earning as well as what my partner owes

b. I am not too sure; however, I have an idea

c. It was never our priority

d. I have asked several times; however, the partner will not tell me

How often do you both talk about finances?

a. We do sit regularly and discuss our finances every month

b. I have no problem discussing provided we both feel the same way

c. I resist talking about it initially; however, I have a sense of relaxation after we talk about it

d. We have never tried talking about it as we find it irrelevant

Do you trust your partner with money?

a. Absolutely. My partner is my financial companion

b. I am not too comfortable handing the entire financial decision to my partner

c. My partner can be a disaster when it comes to handling money

d. We like to manage our share of funds so that there is no stress due to such failure

Have you discussed your financial goals?

a. We discuss financial goals frequently as we believe in saving and investing for a secure future

b. We do have goals; however, we are not able to fulfil that due to our weak financial habits such as over-expenditure, no investment

c. Financial goals need money, and we have not saved enough to date

d. We never discuss financial goals. We have individual goals for ourselves

Have you bought term insurance?

a. I have bought one, and so has my partner. Individually, we take care of the term insurance premium

b. We have been thinking for a while now and yet not reached there

c. We fall short of money every time we think of buying one for our dependents

d. What is that? I have never heard of it

Are you comfortable with your partner’s spending habit?

a. Yes, I am because I know that my partner is good at handling finances and anything related to money. The priority for my partner is to prepare a budget, prepare a list and then spend on only what is important

b. I am not comfortable because my partner is a shopaholic and loves to spend unnecessarily

c. My partner is way sensible at times and irresponsible many times. It confuses me

d. No, my partner is bad at spending. I do not trust!

What was your choice of all the questions above? Depending on your pick, here is an analysis of your financial compatibility with your partner.

Most A’s

Congratulations! You are made for each other. Your financial compatibility is impressive. You make a good pair, and your common financial goals make you one of the best financially sound couples.

Mostly B’s

You are almost there to be financially compatible. The only aspect missing is sitting down to discuss and taking the most crucial decision of money together in future.

Mostly C’s

There is a considerable gap in the compatibility factor about your finances. Ensure that you start sharing financial decisions with each other so that you have a clarity of how your partner spends, saves and invests. If you bridge this gap, you will be a compatible couple.

Most D’s

Your financial compatibility is at stake. You need to buck up and reinstate the already dismantled financial goals. You are yet to make important decisions such as investing in high return tools, savings and even an online term to make that road smooth for you and your partner.

Good Luck for Future!

Your financial situation decides your future as married couples. Initial years can be flowery and beautiful; however, the challenges arrive when you have a mismatch in financial decisions. Don’t you want your relationship to grow stronger every year? Next time, try to score an A taking the same test. A couple that discusses finance together enjoys life together.