Some Highly-Paid Professions To Make Your First Choice

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“If you wish to achieve worthwhile things in your personal and career life, you must become a worthwhile person in your own self-development.”

Brian Tracy 


The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics proves that there are more than 30 highly-paid jobs in the world that offer prosperous career opportunities while helping you get access to health and other employee benefits. 

Most people assume healthcare and software engineering as ideal occupations after witnessing a drastic change of global pandemic on people and businesses. But that’s merely a myth. There are countless other professions to enter into and make a propelling career. 

The Bureau of Labor Statistics on Employment Projection Programs suggest that there would be job growth in hundreds of professions in the current and future years. A most recent study or research paper compares the number of professionals who worked in each occupation type in 2016 with the estimated projection for 2026. 

Here are the best and highly-paid professions in the forthcoming years

  1. Practitioners – The projected new recruitments for practitioners are expected to go beyond 19,200 by the end of 2026. If we talk about the median annual salary, it goes up to $198,740 at least. Rest it depends on the sub-category type, for instance – a physician, surgeon, eye specialist, dentist, orthodontics, gynecologist, etc.
  2. Plumbers and steamfitters – Reading ‘Plumbers’ under the list of highly-paid professionals must have left you in doubt. But that’s true, and the facts prove it. The Bureau of Labor Statistics of the U.S. says there would be 75,200 new jobs for plumbers, steamfitters, and pipefitters by 2026. The most common requirement to be in this profession includes a High School Diploma or a certification. Plus, it would be great if an individual makes efforts to acquire a license before working as a professional plumber. 
  3. Electrician – The concerned authorities have shown an immense shortage of electricians in the forthcoming years in the United States. According to the reports, there is a shortage of 7000 qualified electricians, whereas 3000 electricians officially join this profession every year. When talking about this profession, people often find answers to how to become an electrician or how to propel a career in this stream. An individual requires to pass an electric training program or degree at first. Then comes obtaining a certification followed by a license, which ensures an individual to be capable enough to proceed. There are different designations and types of electricians, including – residential, commercial, chief electrician, technicians, etc. All of them work at a different pay scale. As far as the average pay is concerned, an electrician can easily make $ 98,000 annually. 
  4. Financial managers – Be it an IT fortune 500 company or banking sector, everyone requires to have a financial manager who can look through a complete line of projects while maintaining a good cash flow in the organization. The projected requirements for proficient financial managers would go up to 108,600 by 2026 in the world. As far as the package is concerned, a financial manager’s average salary is $125 080. 
  5. Nurse doctors – Unarguably, the world has seen an immense improvement and demand for healthcare professionals throughout the world, especially during the hard pandemic times. This has somewhere helped expand the demand for nurses and healthcare helpers at clinics and hospitals. As a result, the United States may require to enroll 56,100 new nurses and medical workers at hospitals, nursing centers, and clinics by the end of 2026. One must have a Master’s degree to work as a nurse practitioner and earn a whopping amount of $103,880.
  6. System software developers – Get a bachelor’s degree in computer science, get your hands over a number of relevant certifications, and you are all set to crack the toughest technical rounds of any MNC in the world. Software developers are the ones who survived during the pandemic strongly. This speaks to the importance of associating with such reliable career options. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics says that there would be work opportunities for 47,100 professionals by 2026. 

All in all, your overall earning potential depends on the stream you have chosen. Look for an ideal one, consult an expert, and make a progressive career for yourself. 

When talking about a progressive career, everyone wants the best for themselves. This requires a bit of research and the potential to make the right decision. After the current pandemic circumstances, people have become more alert towards choosing a career. Be wise, understand your interests, and forte before stepping into a career for the rest of your life.