The Hidden Complexities Behind Cross-border Transactions

The Hidden Complexities Behind Cross-border Transactions

As local markets are becoming oversaturated, with too many competitors vying for the business of a select few clients, technology resellers are beginning to turn their attention outward to secure clients based in other countries. What they may not realize before beginning the distributions process however, is just how complex it can be depending on the destination country. Technologies like computer software and hardware are considered dual-use goods, which means they can be used for both civilian but also military purposes, causing them to be treated with sensitivity and extra scrutiny at many borders.

Controlled items like these must often first be shipped to special data centres to be checked; unfortunately, they are located sparsely throughout each country meaning if the items are to reach their destination on time, companies must budget for a substantial courier charge. In preparation for scrutiny at customs, resellers must also prepare a great deal of paperwork that is specific to the country they are exporting to; the matter is compounded when there are multiple places to send shipments to. One missing document or inaccuracy can cause costly delays.

Finally, there are the unknowns to consider, for example the customs of some countries might not be able to offer an estimated time of clearance; sometimes it can take up to three weeks. Then there are reports of nightmarish situations occurring post-clearance, like items going missing or getting stolen on their way to clients. It’s important that resellers gearing up to export globally go in prepared, and the way to ensure the safety of their assets is to partner with a trusted and dependable importer of record.

TecEx is one importer that takes the lead on preparing all important documentation on behalf of their clients, from freight delivery waybills to commercial invoices to other licences, permits and certifications. Because they regularly work with the customs of 136 countries around the world, resellers need not worry about their shipments going off schedule, even if the regulations of a particular country are challenging to maneuver around. Don’t let your IT equipment get stuck in customs — partner with an importer of record that will see that your IT equipment clears through customs in under ten days. Be sure they offer some of the best lead times available, and upon clearance, be sure their on-the-ground personnel liaise with the hired freight services or forwarders ensuring all packages end up where they’re supposed to both safely and on time.

The company even offers a tax break, and will apply for a value-added tax refund on behalf of their clients from 40 of the above countries where such a return is applicable. They’re also transparent about their fees and promise resellers will only be charged the landed-cost quote once the process begins irrespective of any changes made to the receiving country’s legislature from that point forward. For one price, the pain points associated with exporting are alleviated completely so clients can focus their efforts on expanding their enterprises and forming new business relationships – not stressing about whether delayed shipments will cause budding relationships to be lost.