Here’s Why School Transportation Needs a GPS Tracking Device

Here’s Why School Transportation Needs a GPS Tracking Device

Nowadays, parents harbour different kinds of fears when sending their children to school. One of their primary concern revolves around safe commuting as they are apprehensive about the behaviour of both the driver and the kids. In response to this concern, school authorities need to take all kinds of measures to ensure secure school transport.

One way to secure school transport is to equip it with a GPS tracking device that comes with advanced features. KENT CamEye is one of the most high-end devices available in this regard. It offers features like dual camera, two-way calling, intelligent alerts, and cloud storage. Such a device can provide many benefits to the authorities and reassure parents.

If you are still thinking of how a GPS tracking device will help secure school transport, here are some ways:

1. Prevent Violent Acts

Students often engage in fighting, bullying, and other violent acts during commute due to the absence of teachers in some school buses. However, if a GPS tracking device that comes with a camera feature is installed on the buses, students will know that authorities are keeping a watch on them. As a result, they may refrain from indulging in any such activities.

2. Safe Driving

School transport drivers are usually in a hurry to finish a trip when picking and dropping kids. In doing so, they often indulge in over-speeding and overtaking, which increases the chances of sudden jerks and collisions. Such activities expose kids to increased risk of injuries. Despite the authorities offering instructions and warnings to drivers, they still overlook the kids’ safety and drive callously. However, if school authorities equip their transport with a GPS tracking device, they will be able to keep a check on the driver. Some high-end devices send intelligent alerts in case of over-speeding and also about the starting and ending of the trip.

3. Prevention of Unsafe Activities

It has also been seen that drivers, at times, place an unregistered person in charge of the vehicle in their place. Such a situation puts students at risk as the unregistered driver may not know how to drive a big vehicle or misbehave with kids and parents. However, a few GPS tracking devices come with face recognition feature and send alerts when an unidentified driver takes the wheel. When the transport fleet is equipped with such a device, authorities will receive information about the same. It will enable them to take the case up with the driver and prevent such a thing from happening in the future.

4. Record of Trips

GPS tracking devices not only allow you to live-stream the video of the vehicle and track its location but also store all the data on the cloud. It puts all trip-related details and videos on the cloud storage for future access. Such data can provide significant help in crosschecking details in case of any commute-related complaints or legal issues. Moreover, periodic checks of the data will enable authorities to see which drivers are driving inappropriately. It will help decide which drivers they should retain for the future, keeping the issue of student safety in mind.

Ensure Secure Commute for Students

Providing safe commute to students is an essential step for all schools and should be given thorough attention. It is because, nowadays, parents focus on all such factors before enrolling their child in any school. Every responsible school authority should equip their transport with a comprehensive GPS tracking device to ensure the safety of students.

School authorities can buy a GPS tracking device such as KENT CamEye that comes with advanced features to provide the maximum advantage in ensuring children’s safety. It can be bought through its official website , and authorities can even book a demo before ordering in bulk. Purchasing this device can prove to be a decisive investment for schools when they wish to fulfil their responsibility towards student’s safety.