Why Healthcare Needs BlockChain

Why does healthcare needs blockchain ?

We live in a very fast paced society in which we rely heavily on tools and technology to streamline our lives. For instance, imagine if we had no means of transportation to get us where we need to be, or no cell phones or internet to communicate and connect with one another. Society would not be able to function at the scale and fast-moving pace we do today. Therefore, tools and technology play an integral role in society, business, and our everyday lives. However, there are industries in which everybody relies on that are lacking efficiency in the way they operate. One such industry is healthcare.

Anyone working in the healthcare industry will tell you they are overwhelmed with data. The way it is currently handled is inefficient, complex, and insecure which leads to increased friction and costs among intermediaries in the healthcare industry. One of the biggest issues with the current healthcare data management system is interoperability. Patients should be able to go to any medical facility in the world, and the medical professionals should be able to bring up their entire medical history and background so that they can treat the patient properly, rather than just the common diagnosis at hand. Putting the patient first and treating them with personalized care at an instant is what the healthcare industry needs. Now, with the rise of blockchain technology, we have the means to streamline the healthcare industry by increasing security, privacy, and interoperability.

Blockchain & Healthcare

The implementation of blockchain technology into the healthcare system is the solution for making our current healthcare system more efficient, secure, and disintermediated. Putting our medical records and health data on the blockchain will allow for a streamlined exchange of our health information, resulting in lower costs, enhanced security, and better and more personalized care for the patient. It’s easy to see the potential benefits blockchain tech has for the medical and healthcare industry, but there’s just one problem- The integration and transformation of the current healthcare system to the newly imagined blockchain based system.

There are three primary issues we must overcome before blockchain is implemented into healthcare. The first being, the existing systems in place need to be fully digitized by moving all medical records and data to a cloud-based system. Second, blockchain tech needs to be improved and refined to provide absolute scalability and security. Thirdly, the medical industry professionals must be willing to support, trust, and accept this new blockchain based medical system. Therefore, the implementation of blockchain tech into the healthcare industry will take time, but there are methods to push this process along and inspire the industry. One such method is to introduce cryptocurrency payments in the healthcare industry.

Crypto Payments

We know that the healthcare industry can be rather slow and cautious when accepting and implementing new innovations. So why in the world would they accept cryptocurrency as payment? Well, if the crypto payments solution was simple, easy, and required no integration on their end, why wouldn’t they? The company known as Digits provides a crypto payments solution that enables users to make payments in crypto directly through their personal debit or credit card. The payment method is just lust like transacting with fiat using any debit or credit card which is why Digits could be a step in the right direction for the healthcare industry to implement and start utilizing blockchain technology.

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